Help us stop housing cheats by reporting housing fraud.

If you have a housing association home and you rent it out without permission, or get a home by providing false information, you are guilty of housing fraud.

You are using up valuable housing spaces and depriving families and vulnerable people of the help they are entitled to.

About housing fraud

There are different types of housing fraud. Here are some of the most common:

Unlawful subletting

If you are a tenant and let out your housing association home without the knowledge or permission of your landlord, you are unlawfully subletting.

Obtaining housing by deception

If you get a housing association home by giving false information in your application, for example not telling the landlord you are renting another housing association property, you are committing housing fraud.

Wrongly claimed succession

When a tenant dies, there are rules that say what should be done with the tenancy. Wrongly claimed succession is when you try to take over the tenancy when you are not entitled to. For example, you might say you lived with the tenant before he or she died, when in fact you were living elsewhere.

Report housing fraud

You can also call our benefit fraud hotline using the contact details below.

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