Information on the licensing and regulation of tables and chairs placed on the public highway.

You will need a permit or licence if you would like to place tables and chairs or other related items on the public highway. There are two types of permit or licence, and you will need to decide which is the most appropriate for your circumstances.

Pavement licence

A pavement licence is a temporary licensing regime from the government to help businesses as a result of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. If your business sells food and/or drink, you can apply for a licence to place objects (for example table and chairs) on the highway immediately outside your business premises. This space can then be used for the purposes of selling, serving or consuming that food and drink. This scheme is temporary and lasts until 30 September 2024.

The application process takes 14 days (not including public holidays), and the fee is £100.

If the licence is granted, it will last for between three months and one year (with no licence expiring later than 30 September 2024).

The licence removes the need to apply for street trading consent or planning permission for the objects / activities it permits.

For further information and to apply please visit our temporary pavement licence page.

Table and chairs permit

A table and chairs permit lasts for a maximum period of 12 months, and an application needs to be made to renew each year. There is no end date for this scheme, and it is designed for those businesses who want to use the highway in this way. A table and chairs permit can be applied to an area which is not immediately outside your business premises, and any type of business can apply.

The consultation period is 28 days, and the application is determined following this. The fee is £187.

The permit does not remove the need for planning permission or street trading consent if the objects or activities would require these.

For further information and to apply please visit our table and chairs permit page.

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