Find out what and when gaming activities or machines require a permit and how to apply.

You need a permit for various gaming activities, including:

  • Gaming machines such as fruit machines
  • Coin pusher and crane grab machines
  • Prize gaming in alcohol licensed premises

There are rules on the location and operation of the gaming machines. You can find information on the Gambling Commission website.

As the licensing authority, we can grant or reject an application for a permit. We cannot attach conditions to the permit.

Gaming machine categories

The type of permit you apply for will affect the number and categories of gaming machines you are able to have in your premises. The categories of machines are:

Category Old maximum stake Old maximum prize New maximum stake New maximum prize
B1 £2 £4,000 £5 £10,000*
B2 £100 £500 £100 £500
B3 £2 £500 £2 £500
B3A £1 £500 £2 £500
B4 £1 £250 £2 £400
C £1 £70 £1 £100
D non-money prize (not crane grab) 30p £8 30p £8
D non-money prize (crane grab) £1 £50 £1 £50
D money prize 10p £5 10p £5
D combined money and non-money prize (coin pusher / penny falls) 10p £15 (of which no more than £8 may be money prize) 20p £20 (of which no more than £10 may be money prize)
D combined money and non-money prize (other than coin pusher / penny falls) 10p £8 (of which no more than £5 may be money prize) 10p £8 (of which no more than £5 may be money prize)

*With option of maximum £20,000 linked progressive jackpot on premises basis only.

How to apply for a permit

Download the application form for the type of permit you need:

The owners of licensed premises must also inform us when they take up their automatic entitlement to two gaming machines on their premises, under section 282 of the act.

How much it will cost

The gambling fees and charges will depend on the type of permit.

Occasional betting or gambling

Occasional betting or temporary gambling in places that do not have a premises licence can be authorised in two ways:

We are the licensing authority for these in Rushmoor.

Occasional use notices

These allow betting at racetracks for short periods, without the need for a betting premises licence.

Such locations include point-to-point racecourses, motor racing venues and some cricket grounds.

The notice can only be granted to holders of a Gambling Commission operating licence.

Temporary use notices

These allow gambling where there is no premises licence.

Suitable venues for temporary use notices include hotels, conference centres, and sporting venues.

The Gambling Act 2005 (Temporary Use Notices) Regulations 2007 restricts such gambling to equal-chance gaming, with a single overall winner.

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