Rushmoor Employment and Skills Zone is committed to creating and supporting employment opportunities generated through new business.

What is Rushmoor Employment and Skills Zone?

Rushmoor Employment and Skills Zone (RESZ) brings together the expertise of more than 70 local employment support and training organisations, offering tailor-made support to:

  • Developers and new businesses to identify the employment and training opportunities they can offer
  • Existing companies in Aldershot and Farnborough to secure the right workforce locally so their business can prosper and grow
  • Local people to develop the right skills and confidence to access job opportunities and to reduce unemployment

The benefits for business

RESZ is keen to work with developers and new employers to identify opportunities for work experience, work trials, volunteering and apprenticeships that will support skills' development for local jobseekers.

Easier and better recruitment

Working with RESZ can save your business time, effort and money in your recruitment and help you find the right person for the job. To make it as easy as possible for you, we will provide a single point of contact to discuss how we can help you meet your recruitment needs. We can:

Help you to recruit skilled staff from the local area and provide recruitment support by:

  • Organising and hosting recruitment fairs
  • Advertising vacancies through our RESZ bulletin and network 
  • Sourcing local interview space
  • Plan and host pre-employment training relevant to your business

The benefits for local people

RESZ would like to encourage employment of local people.  Early communication with new employers will ensure training and personal development programmes are devised and can be offered to local jobseekers. 

RESZ would like to work with:

  • Voluntary and community groups to build support for people who need help getting work
  • Registered social landlords who want to help their tenants find training and job opportunities
  • Employment and training support service so they can get the best possible outcomes for their clients


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