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Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Rushmoor

Mayor of Rushmoor

Councillor Clive Grattan is the Mayor of Rushmoor for 2023/24. He represents Cherrywood Ward in Farnborough. He has chosen Crohn’s International and Oak Farm Pre-School as his main charities for the year.

The Deputy Mayor

The Mayor is supported in their role by the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mara Makunura. She represents Knellwood ward in Farnborough.

Mayoral invitations

The Mayor welcomes invitations to attend events held by local organisations.

We will contact you about the Mayor's availability for your event within 7 working days. Due to demand, the Mayor may not be able to accept all invitations.

The role of the Mayor

The Mayor is the first citizen and the King's representative in the Borough and, as such, takes precedence over all other citizens in the Borough. The only exception to this rule is when royalty or the Lord-Lieutenant are visiting the Borough.

The office of Mayor dates back as far as AD 451. The title is derived from the French, "Monsieur le Maire" and before that it probably originated from the Latin "Major".

Local authorities, which have been granted borough status by the Crown, have no more powers than ordinary district councils, but the chairmen and vice-chairmen of borough councils have the right to be styled 'Mayor' and 'Deputy Mayor'.

In the role as the civic head of the borough, the Mayor represents the borough at all civic ceremonial events.

  • At major civic events, such as ceremonies relating to the granting of the Freedom of the Borough, the robe, chain and badge of office are worn, and the Mayor is preceded by the Macebearer with the mace
  • On other occasions, the Mayor will wear the chain and badge of office but, for most functions attended, the badge of office on a ribbon is worn.  It is the badge of office that is the symbol of the Mayor's authority

During the term of office, the Mayor will attend up to 300 engagements. These may include:

  • Meeting royalty
  • Visiting other local authorities
  • Various events in partnership with the military
  • Visiting schools
  • Welcoming overseas visitors
  • Opening fêtes
  • Supporting charity events

The Mayor also chairs full meetings of the council in accordance with standing orders, and conducts the meeting in a fair and impartial manner.

The Mayor is formally appointed to the office of Mayor at the first meeting of the Council in the municipal year. This meeting is more of a ceremonial event and is normally referred to as 'Mayor-making'.

The Mayor cannot be a member of the Cabinet, although the Mayor may be a member of any of the Council's standing committees but only in the Mayor's capacity as an ordinary Member of the Council.

To read more about how we select the mayor, please visit our page about the constitution.

Rushmoor coat of armsThe borough's coat of arms


The coat of arms was granted by the College of Heralds on 7 August 1975. The crossed swords in the first section of arms depict the borough's close association with the army, and the key surmounted by an astral crown in the second section signify the connection with the Royal Aircraft Establishment. The rose in the third section is the Hampshire rose, the emblem of the county in which Rushmoor is situated.


The fern leaves and roses are similar to those in the crest of the former urban district of Farnborough.


The lions used as supporters are similar to those in the coat of arms of the former borough of Aldershot, although the right-hand lion now has wings to denote the borough's association with aviation. The right-hand lion also has an astral crown around its neck, with a Latin cross hanging from it. The left-hand lion has a mural crown with a gold star.


The motto 'strength in unity' was selected by the council from many suggestions submitted as signifying the amalgamation of the two towns of Aldershot and Farnborough.

Past Mayors

Year Mayor
2022 - 2023 John Marsh
2021 - 2022 Bruce Thomas
2020 - 2021 Charles Choudhary
2019 - 2020 Sue Carter
2018 - 2019 S.J. Masterson
2017 - 2018 Sophia Choudhary
2016 - 2017 Jacqui Vosper
2015 - 2016 M.J. Tennant
2014 - 2015 Mrs. D.B. Bedford
2013 - 2014 T.D. Bridgeman
2012 - 2013 P.I.C. Crerar
2011 - 2012 A.H. Crawford
2010 - 2011 B.W. Parker
2009 - 2010 R.J. Kimber
2008 - 2009 A.M. Ferrier
2007 - 2008 D.M. Welch
2006 - 2007 J.H. Marsh
October 2005 - 2006 J.H. Marsh
2005 G. Dawson
2004 - 2005 C. Balchin
2003 - 2004 P.F. Rust
2002 - 2003 B. Jupp
2001 - 2002 M.S. Choudhary
2000 - 2001 J.E.C. White
1999 - 2000 D.E. Clifford
1998 - 1999 P.J. Moyle
1997 - 1998 J.E. Hiscock
1996 - 1997 M.W. Banner
1995 - 1996 Mrs. P.M. Devereux
1994 - 1995 P.R. Lillywhite
1993 - 1994 T.R. Davies
1992 - 1993 R.J. Kimber
1991 - 1992 B.L. Willcox
1990 - 1991 A.M. Ferrier
1989 - 1990 B.A. Oliver
1988 - 1989 D.M. Welch
1987 - 1988 A.J. Callan


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