Our values and behaviours set out what our organisation stands for and what is important to us collectively. Through embedding them into everything we do, we will work together to achieve success.

Collaborate Innovate Brave Integrity
We will achieve excellence by working together We are always thinking of new and better ways to make a difference We are ambitious for Rushmoor We uphold high standards of service through honesty, respect and compassion
We involve the right people, at the right time and work together with enthusiasm We look for creative ways to drive improvement We are willing to make bold decisions to make a difference to our community We put customers at the heart of what we do
We recognise and appreciate the contribution of others By taking responsibility for our own learning and
development, we will explore new ideas and ways of working
We have the courage to do things differently and 'give it a go We take pride in being open and transparent
We help each other to bounce back from setbacks and persevere to reach our goals We will not just do what we did before, we seek to innovate We take managed risks and view mistakes as opportunities to learn We are personally accountable for our decisions and action
and do what we say we will do, on time
We work openly, and share our knowledge, expertise and plans We encourage each other and develop the shared vision and purpose We will get things done
quickly and efficiently
We respect and value
difference, and listen to other perspectives
We celebrate success and
focus on positives
We look outside our
organisation for ideas, inspiration and new ways of thinking
We provide, seek and act on constructive feedback We work to understand how others feel and how we can respond appropriately

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