How we're tackling the impacts of climate change in Rushmoor.

Climate emergency

In summer 2019, we declared a climate emergency in Rushmoor, with the full support of all councillors.

In doing so, our councillors pledged to make the council carbon neutral, and Aldershot and Farnborough greener and more sustainable.

Our climate change vision

We want to have a positive impact on future generations by working with businesses, communities and organisations to protect and enhance Aldershot and Farnborough's environment. Through direct action and by encouraging and supporting others, we will address the challenges and opportunities presented by climate change.

We have a 10-year vision which has the following principles which set out what we are trying to achieve:

  • Protect and enhance the environment and conserve and encourage biodiversity
  • The built environment and infrastructure to reflect sustainability, while enabling prosperity
  • Natural resources will be used sustainably and waste will be minimised
  • Raise awareness of the challenges and, through engagement, build resilience and involvement within the local community

Please view the full Climate change strategy 2020 - 2030 for more information. 

Our climate change action plan

We also have an action plan, where we have agreed a set of actions aimed at making the council carbon neutral and Aldershot and Farnborough more sustainable by 2030.

There are more than 90 actions in the current plan, among these are details of our plans to:

  • Increase recycling and reduce waste
  • Look at how we make sure Aldershot and Farnborough town centre regeneration schemes include measures like energy efficient buildings, energy generation and green transport
  • Involve local people in our efforts, including through things like community gardens and helping people get more involved in their local neighbourhoods
  • Make our own buildings more energy efficient, moving to green energy where possible, and to look at how our staff can work differently to reduce our impact on the environment

Please see our Climate Change Action Plan 2020-2030 for full details.

Working with Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council have their own climate change action plan that covers the whole of Hampshire, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and to prepare to be resilient to the impacts of a possible 2oC temperature rise.

We are also working with Hampshire County Council on climate change initiatives.

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