How to apply for, and make changes to, your postal vote.

How to apply for a postal vote

Voting by post is easy. If you are on the electoral register, you can vote by post.

You can vote by post at just one election, for a set period, or to last as long as you like. However you must reapply every time you move property.

Each person has to apply for his or her own postal vote - no one can do it on your behalf.

We will use the information you provide as a check against the security statement you complete with your ballot paper at an election.

If an election is called, and you would like to vote by post at this election, please check our election page for the key dates of when you should return your completed postal vote application form. Our election page will be available once the election has been called.

If you can't provide a consistent specimen signature

Please contact us for advice on applying for a postal vote that does not require a signature and other ways you can vote. You can do this using the contact details below.

Make a change to your postal vote

If you change your name

You will need to complete a new postal vote application

Cancel your postal vote

If you have a postal vote and decide you want to cancel it, you can do so using our form:

Contact us

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