Find out how much we charge for different types of street naming changes.

Activity Charges for 2024/25
Change of house name (where property has no postal number) £110
Change of building name/address for commercial units £110 plus £30 per additional units
Flat fee for Development of 1 plot £110
Development of  2 -10 plots £30 per plot (plus flat fee of £110)
Development of 11 – 25 plots £25 per plot (plus flat fee of £110)
Development of 26 + plots £20 per plot (plus flat fee of £110)
Naming of new block of flats/building This is included in fee above
Change to new addresses due to the development changing after the schedule has been issued £50 per plot
Research archive for address history £175

The above charges are not subject to VAT

We do not charge for the following:

  • Renaming or addition of a name to an existing domestic property address which has a postal number allocated
  • Any change to an existing address that is incorrectly held by us or Royal Mail

You can find out more and apply on our street naming and numbering page.

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