You need to provide evidence to support your benefit claim.

You need to provide this information for you and your partner, if you are living with someone ( this includes same sex couples).

You may need to make a claim for Universal Credit, unless you fall into one of the categories below. Please check with the Department of Work and Pensions first to see if you need to claim Universal Credit:

  • Considered homeless and living in temporary accommodation
  • Living in supported accommodation
  • A pensioner - if you are a couple, your partner must also be a pensioner

Proof of National Insurance number (for new claims, or if you have not claimed for more than two years)

One item such as:

  • P45 or P60 from last employer
  • National Insurance number card
  • Printed wage slips
  • Letter from Department of Works and Pensions or Job Centre
  • Letter or tax code from HM Revenues and Customs
  • Occupational pension slip

Proof of identity (for new claims, or if you have not claimed for more than two years)

In addition to one item from the list above, at least one further item such as:

  • Up-to-date driving licence
  • Passport
  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Birth or marriage certificate
  • Divorce papers
  • Medical card
  • Residence permit
  • Letter from the Home Office, probation officer, solicitor, social worker or HM Revenues and Customs

Proof of earnings

One of:

  • Pay-slips - these must  be consecutive, that is, five weekly pay-slips, or three fortnightly, two monthly, two four-weekly
  • A contract of employment if you have recently started work and have not yet had a payslip
  • A detailed letter from your employer
  • Certificate of earnings
  • Contract of employment that confirms hours and pay

Proof of self-employed earnings

  • Most recent audited accounts
  • Completed self-employed form and your bank statements

If you need a self-employed form please call us or download the form.

Proof of any other income including private pensions

  • Latest award letter from your pension provider
  • Including student grants/loans and bursaries

Proof of savings and investments

  • Bank, building society and Post Office account statements or pass books for the last two months
  • For all other investments and capital, provide certificates or other documentation

Proof of rent (private tenants and housing association tenants only)

  • Current tenancy agreement
  • Letter from your landlord or agent
  • Fully completed and recently updated rent book or card

The document needs to state:

  • Your rent
  • Your name
  • The address of the property you are renting
  • Any service charges you pay
  • The date you moved in
  • If you are a joint tenant

It also needs to be signed by you and your landlord. Please complete the Proof of rent form

Proof of income, capital and savings for all non-dependants

  • These are people, over the age of 18, living in your household. They are not in full time education

Proof of child benefit and any other income and/or savings for all dependants

  • Proof of any children's date of birth, if none of the other documents you supply shows this

Proof of payments to a registered or approved childminder

  • Your most recent invoice or childminding contract - you will also need to provide the childminder's registration number

Proof of payments to a pension scheme

  • Except those you make through your employer as they will show on your pay-slips

Proof of your student course with notification confirming how many guided learning hours you do

We need this because not all students qualify for benefit, but the rules are quite complex and there are many exceptions.

The following groups of students can claim:

  • Those getting income support
  • Those on part-time courses
  • Those over 60
  • Those responsible for a child
  • Those who have a disability premium or who have been classed as unfit for work for over 28 weeks

This is not a complete list. If you are not sure if you are eligible, ring us, or send in the completed form for assessment.

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