There are several options for the final resting place of your loved one's cremated remains in the crematorium grounds.

Memorial vaults

A memorial vault offers a dignified resting place for two sets of cremated remains. Each vault features a black granite tablet, with your choice of inscription, and a flower vase. You can lease a memorial vault for 20, 30 or 50 years.

Visit our crematorium memorials page for more information.

Lawns of remembrance

The lawns of remembrance offer individual plots where cremated remains are interred. Each plot will take two sets of cremated remains.

To maintain the dignified setting of the lawns of remembrance, there are no tributes or markers left on the lawns. Instead, we identify plots using a row and plot number system, placing a marker of every tenth row.

We do not put cremated remains in a container, but place them directly into the ground with identification.

Tributes left on the lawns

We remove any tributes left on the lawns of remembrance daily.

Please do not place metal pegs, ornaments and other items on the lawns - they can be a risk to our grounds maintenance teams and equipment and they will be removed.

Scattered in the woodland

We can scatter the cremated remains of your loved ones in the crematorium ground's woodland. We leave the grass slightly longer in this area and it is in view of the bulb planting area. There are no markers used in this area.

You may leave cut flowers as a tribute where the scattering has taken place but please remove any plastic wrapping. There are trees already dedicated in the woodland area and we would respectfully ask that you do not place items by these trees.

If you would like to dedicate a memorial close by, there is a Woodland Book - please visit our crematorium memorials page for more information. 

Please do not make your own plaque and place it in the woodland. We will remove unauthorised plaques or ornamentation and hold them in the crematorium office for collection.

If you would like your loved one scattered in our woodland, please contact us to make an appointment. You are not able to scatter your loved ones cremated remains without an appointment, as a record has to be kept of all scatterings that take place.

Making your own arrangements

If you prefer, you can arrange to take your loved one's cremated remains away. You may, for example, want to bury them in a grave with another loved one or scatter them privately. If you would like more information about burying cremated remains in one of our cemeteries please contact us.

Costs and more information

The cost of most of the options on this page are included in the cost of a cremation, apart from memorials. For more information on charges, please see our memorial fees page.

For more information and to talk through your options, please contact our bereavement services team using the contact details on this page.

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