We sometimes organise funerals for people who have passed away in Rushmoor and have no next of kin, or whose next of kin, relatives or friends are unable or unwilling to make the arrangements.

We hold these funerals as part of Section 46 of the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. If the person has died outside of Rushmoor, you will need to contact the local authority where the person passed away.

We will normally cremate the person who has died, unless we know it would be against their wishes (for example religious beliefs or in a will or written statement). The cremated remains are buried in a plot in the lawns of remembrance at the crematorium.

We will also make arrangements for a minister of religion or a religious representative of the faith of the deceased to be present, to conduct a simple service for their faith. If a non-religious service is appropriate, then we will do this.

Arranging a public health funeral

Please contact us, using the details below, if you believe that a public health funeral is right for a person that you know who has recently died.

We cannot become involved if funeral arrangements have already been made, or the funeral has taken place. If you give instructions to a funeral director, you are responsible for the costs for the funeral. If you have any financial difficulties, then please make sure you let the funeral director know, at an early stage, when arranging a funeral.

List of public health funerals that we have held

Name Date of death Date of birth Age Marital status Last known address (postcode)
Ian Trevor Nuttall 20.02.2021 not known 63 Single GU11
Malcolm Fred Hinton 19.02.2021 17.11.1964 56 Single GU14
Allan Nicholson McGilvray 15.04.2021 07.09.1955 65 Single GU11
Winston McCartney 22.03.2021 04.07.1945 75 Single GU14
David Hoggett 09.05.2021 13.10.1949 71 Widowed GU11
Eileen Mary Hannah Kennedy 14.07.2021 not known 76 Single GU14
Peter Taylor 03.06.2021 not known 82 Single GU14
Dorothy Julie Sherwood 31.07.2021 not known 86 Widowed GU14
John Dobbie 03.02.2022 23.12.1944 77 Married GU14
Trevor Morris Jones 26.04.2022 not known 67 Divorced GU14
Richard Burbull 12.07.2022 22.08.1953 68 Divorced GU14
Kenneth Richard Hopkin 05.08.2022 29.08.1951 70 Unknown GU14
Brian Victor Norton 19.05.2022 19.03.1938 84 Divorced GU14
Mary Bridget Houston-Smith 21.01.2023 not known 94 Widowed GU14
Geoffrey Oscar Bocking 03.01.2023 04.12.1932 90 Widowed GU11
Patricia Marjorie Pearston 12.11.2022 06.03.1940 82 Single GU11
Ann Kozubik 08.06.2023 04.05.1948 75 Widowed GU11
Martin Selby 31.05.2023 not known 72 Single GU14
Paul Stephen Carter 07.08.2022 21.10.1952 69 Single GU11
David Evans


08.02.1948 75 Single GU11
Manuel Gananca Gomes Garanito


10.05.1959 64 Single GU11

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