Current consultations

Find out about what we are consulting on and how to give us your views.

We, along with other organisations such as Hampshire County Council, consult on a wide range of subjects and issues, from specific topics, perhaps about changes to one of our services, to more general consultation on the local area.

Help us to shape the new Farnborough civic quarter 

If you live, work, or run a business in Farnborough, and would like to play a role in shaping the new civic quarter, we'd like to hear your views.

The civic quarter currently includes the library, the leisure centre, the skateboard park, the community centre and Westmead House.

We held three drop-in sessions in Farnborough town centre on 8 and 12 January. You can still take part in our online survey until Sunday 27 January.

For more information, visit our  Help us to shape the Farnborough civic quarter page.

Consultation on sex shop licence conditions

We are consulting on proposed sex shop licence conditions, which would apply to any licensed sex shops in Rushmoor.

For details, please see our Sex shops page. The consultation ends on Friday 18 January.

Phone survey about our services provided by Serco

We are using a company (called Future Thinking) to carry out telephone surveys on our behalf throughout the year. The surveys are to help us find out your satisfaction with the services provided by our contractor Serco.

The survey will include questions about bin collection services, street cleaning, public toilets, grounds and parks maintenance and should take no more than ten minutes to complete. 

Households from Aldershot and Farnborough will be chosen randomly.


Did you find what you were looking for?Did you find what you were looking for?
    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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