We are providing business rates relief to businesses on Lynchford Road affected by the Farnborough Transport Improvements scheme for 2023/24.

In late Autumn 2022, Hampshire County Council started roadworks on the A3011 Lynchford Road, as part of their Farnborough Transport Improvements scheme. The scheme aims to make daily travel easier, support business growth, reduce journey times and improve air quality. It will also create an enhanced streetscape with new segregated paths for cyclists and pedestrians and parking for cars and motorcycles.

The Lynchford Road phase of the scheme has meant the westbound closure of the A3011 Lynchford Road, which has had an impact on local businesses. 

Your business property will benefit from the business rates relief if it is occupied and is wholly or mainly being used as a shop, restaurant, café and/or drinking establishment. It must also be on the A3011 (Lynchford Road), between St Alban's Roundabout and the A331 roundabout.

Please read our Business Interruption Relief Policy - Lynchford Road for full details on the eligibility criteria and further details on the scheme.

How to apply for the discount

We have automatically awarded relief to eligible businesses on Lynchford Road from 1 October 2022 to 31 March 2024. All businesses that receive the discount will receive a bill showing their reduced business rates.

If you have not received an award of this relief and believe you would qualify, please contact the Business Rates team using the contact details below.

If your business is in North Camp, but is not between St Alban's roundabout and the A331 roundabout, you may be able to use other relief schemes for example hardship relief. You will need to be able to demonstrate financial hardship as a result of the works.


If you receive money from this scheme, it is likely that it will be seen as a subsidy from the government.

That means that you will need to make sure you meet the UK’s domestic and international subsidy control rules around the payment. 

Please read through the guidance from the Department for Business and trade Energy to understand more about the subsidy rules and how it may affect your business.

If you have automatically received this discount and would like to opt-out of the discount scheme or require further details, then please notify our business rates team using the contact details below.

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