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  1. Asbestos

    Find out how to dispose of asbestos safely. Many people worry about asbestos, but asbestos in good condition is not usually a problem. But take care that...

  2. Asbestos fly-tip proves costly for Aldershot woman

    An Aldershot woman who failed to take proper care of demolition waste, including hazardous asbestos, which ended up dumped in a local park, found herself...

  3. Demolition notices

    What you need to do if you want to demolish all or part of a building. Getting permission to demolish all, or part, of a building If you want to demolish...

  4. Health and safety advice for businesses

    We can offer health and safety advice to you and your business. We are responsible for enforcing the regulations set out in the . We help to protect the...


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