Aldershot and Farnborough as film and television locations.

Aldershot and Farnborough offer a range of potential film locations, which include urban areas, woodland, military land, industrial settings, historic houses and high- tech business parks.

We are 30 miles south west of London in the north-east of Hampshire and close to the Surrey / Berkshire borders. Easily accessible from London, we are a convenient distance from Pinewood Studios and the area has excellent links to major roads and motorways such as the A3, M25, M3 and M4.  

Various films and television programmes have already been filmed in Rushmoor, including several James Bond films, Gulliver's Travels and World War Z.

TV programmes have included Property Ladder, Location Location Location, How Clean is Your House and DIY SOS.

The Aldershot Military Museum also provided a Challenger tank for a Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

If you are looking to film in Rushmoor, we can:

  • Help you to find a location for your film / television project
  • Advise you on procedures necessary for filming at locations we own
  • Provide information on local services such as overnight accommodation
  • Place you in touch with local historians and military museums (such as Aldershot Military Museum), who can provide specialist historical advice and advise you on the use of authentic military vehicles for location filming

We've put together a list of potential film and television locations in Rushmoor to help you get started.

Filming in public places

You can often film in public places without permission.

Hampshire County Council's highways team is responsible for public roads and pavements.

You can find out if you need permission to film on the Filming on highways pages of the county council's website.

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