Our transformation strategy describes how we use technology to change how we serve our customers.

We are working on our future strategy now, which includes these areas:

  • Customer: How we help people access the services they need
  • Digital: How we meet people‚Äôs expectations through modern cultures, processes, business models, and technology
  • Technology: How we provide people with the tools they need to deliver services and outcomes

Our last strategy helped deliver these achievements:

  • Maintained our compliance with the Public Sector Network
  • Joined the Hampshire Public Services Network
  • The Hampshire Superfast Broadband Initiative has expanded access to 97% of premises in the county
  • 4G mobile network is established and the 5G mobile network is rolling out now
  • Cybersecurity improvements that have been continuously reviewed and implemented
  • Launching and upgrading our mobile app for reporting street cleanliness and safety problems
  • Launched and integrated our rubbish and recycling digital services into our website
  • Issued devices for mobile working environmental health, housing, and community safety teams
  • Introduced a committee management system
  • Supported more flexible working
  • Located multiple public sector organisations at the council offices
  • Service transformation under way
  • Improved information management through the roll-out of OneDrive and SharePoint
  • ICT environment managed, maintained, secured, and resourced
  • Digital skills improved through dedicated training time and online resources. It is also part of the organisation development programme
  • Engaged with the members development group on their digital skills
  • Aldershot Digital Hub gained its first tenant in June 2022

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