Our roadmap shows what we've done recently and what we're working on now and next on transformation.

Things we are working on now

We're working on these things now:

  • Working towards a new transformation strategy
  • Transforming our Housing Options services
  • Research and design for a tell us you're moving home service
  • Developing a service for people to sign up to receive their council tax bill by email
  • Moving to sending garden waste renewal notifications by email
  • Continuing to improve our council website and other digital products
  • Improving the tools we use for software development

Things we are working on later

In the future, we plan to work on:

  • Investigating how we can improve our allotments, markets, and abandoned vehicles services.
  • Implement GOV.UK Pay to take payments online and through Customer Services to improve our PCI compliance
  • Updating our websites to the latest version of the Umbraco content management system
  • If funded, develop our prototype 'manage my taxi licence' service into a beta service

Things we've done

In the past year we have:

  • Designed and tested improvements to how we triage demand into our Housing Options service
  • Research into whether our 'manage my taxi licence' prototype service could be used by other councils
  • Moved the Princes Hall theatre to a new website with an updated design, latest application programming interface version, new content management system, and more resilient infrastructure

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