We have run a discovery phase to understand more about how our change of address processes work.

We know that our customers must do many administrative tasks when moving home. Some of these tasks (for example, paying council tax and electoral registration) sit with us at the council.

Discovery phase

Our discovery phase looked at what customers need, want, and expect when moving home.

We were interested in understanding:

  • How much we can potentially improve the experience for the customer
  • What cost efficiencies there may be in our processes
  • How we can manage the data that customers provide to us

As part of this, we want to consider our customer needs around different types of communications, when they move into a new community.  There may also be opportunities for us to share information with other local services.

Our latest show and tell (PowerPoint presentation) shares:

  • The problems we aimed to gain further understanding of, along with our assumptions
  • What we learnt about our customers’ experiences and expectations
  • The limitation with the current processes and potential improvements – both from the perspective of customers and internal colleagues
  • Our planned next steps

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