The blue badge scheme is for people who have a walking disability and it allows you to park in disabled parking spaces. It is a national scheme run locally by Hampshire County Council.

Apply for a blue badge

There are some restrictions about who can apply for a blue badge and what you can use it for. The Hampshire County Council website explains more. 

Parking in our car parks

If you have a blue badge you can park in any marked disabled bays in our car parks. When you park in one of our car parks you need to buy a ticket from the ticket machine and display it with a valid blue badge.

As we realise that some blue badge holders may need some extra time, the time you buy on your pay and display ticket will be doubled on certain tariffs (marked with an* on the front panel of the ticket machines). The extra time will not be shown on your ticket, but our parking team allow for this when patrolling our car parks.

You do not get the extra time if you are in one of our car parks that have a maximum period of stay, such as 30 minute or one-hour bays. The time extension also doesn't apply for all day and weekly tickets.

Blue badge holders travelling as a passenger

As long as your blue badge is displayed with a valid pay and display ticket, you are allowed the extra time and to park in a disabled car park space. It doesn't matter if you are the owner of the vehicle, or not.

Enforcement of disabled car park bays

We want to make sure that disabled parking spaces in our car parks are available for the people who need them. If necessary, our parking enforcement team will confiscate any blue badge that they think is being misused.

We patrol disabled parking bays in our car parks to make sure that they are being used correctly and if needed, we will issue a parking fine.

Disabled parking on-street in Hampshire (including in Rushmoor)

Apart from our in car parks, Hampshire County Council manage all other parking in Aldershot and Farnborough. This includes deciding who can park on single or double yellow lines and loading bays. 

For more details, including applying for the blue badge scheme and reporting issues, please visit the parking pages on the Hampshire County Council website.

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