If you are having problems paying your mortgage, help is available.

Sometimes your circumstances change and this means that you cannot pay your mortgage. You may have had a drop income, become unwell or lost your job.

Do not ignore the situation but get help as soon as you can.

Where to get help

There are organisations that can help you if you cannot meet your mortgage repayments, or you are worried you might fall into arrears.

First, contact your lender as soon as possible. Making early contact means that there may be more options available to you.

Our Housing Options team can also offer you advice to help you keep your home. You can contact the team using the contact details on this page.

You will also find information available on what to do if you have mortgage arrears or are having problems making the mortgage payments on the Money Advice Service website.

There is also an Are you worried about your mortgage? leaflet provided by the National Homelessness Advice Services.

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