Farnborough civic quarter regeneration

The civic quarter sits to the south of Farnborough town centre and presents a significant opportunity for development.

About the civic quarter

The civic quarter is currently home to Farnborough Leisure Centre, Farnborough library, Westmead House (offices), Elles Hall, a skate park, surface car parks and a public green space. It is also the site of the now-demolished police station. 

The site offers significant opportunities for a development that integrates the area with the town centre.

The civic quarter will be a vibrant mixed-use space, providing new opportunities for town centre living alongside active ground floor uses, such as cafes and restaurants along with the leisure centre, library and community centre.

Improvements to the public space will see an improved central green, forming the focal point for events, and improved pedestrian links between the town centre (at the side of Iceland) and Farnborough Business Park.

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Development progress on the Civic Quarter

In the summer, the Rushmoor Development Partnership (RDP) appointed LDA Design, the award-winning designers of London's Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, to draw up proposals for the redevelopment of the civic quarter.

Over the coming months, the RDP will be working with LDA Design to develop a comprehensive masterplan for the civic quarter site. This will include looking at existing information, including what local people told us as part of our earlier public engagement, and input from other landowners on the site - Hampshire County Council and the Wilky Group.

Following further public engagement, the RDP will take forward a planning application for the site. This is likely to be in spring 2020.

Civic quarter

Early public engagement on the Civic Quarter

We held a number of public engagement activities in early 2019 to give GT3 Architects the chance to hear your views on the current site, what works well, and what the area could offer in the future to bring about a vibrant new public heart to the town centre.

We used the information you gave us, together with work we did with the site's users and stakeholders, to create a baseline that we can use going forward in the design and development of the Civic Quarter site. This is to make sure the future development is coherent and high-quality and meets the needs of the local community.

Heart of Farnborough group

If you are community-focused, want to make the best of your town and get involved with local events, then please consider joining our new Heart of Farnborough Group. Visit our Heart of Farnborough group page for more information and to sign up to take part.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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