Diary of services for Aldershot Crematorium.

About the crematorium diary

This diary provides the schedule of services at the crematorium for up to five weeks in advance.

It lists the time of the service, surname of the deceased and the funeral director.

We update the diary daily. If a time is shown as 'n/a' or '---' or 'Double Slot', it is not available.

The service times are Monday to Friday:  9.15am, 10am, 10.45am, 11.30am, 12.15pm, 1.30pm, 2.15pm,  3pm, 3.45pm.

The last available time on Fridays is 2.15pm.

If you would like more information about a specific service, such as arrangements for flowers or the order of service, please contact the funeral director directly.  The contact details for the funeral directors are listed below the diary.

If you are making funeral arrangements, please be aware that your funeral director and minister may have other commitments at the times that are available. We advise you to contact your funeral director to discuss the arrangements and only to use our diary as a guide.

If you are attending a service at the crematorium, you will find more details, including how to find it, opening times and CCTV details on our about the crematorium page.

If you have any queries or need any more information, please contact our bereavement services team on 01252 321653 or email bereavementservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.

You can also view the contact details for the funeral directors listed below.

Show appointments for the week beginning:

Time Monday 23-May Tuesday 24-May Wednesday 25-May Thursday 26-May Friday 27-May
10:00 M. McKechan ( Thorne-Leggett (Whitehill)) A. M. Howell ( Holmes & Family) T. Murkin ( H.C. Patrick)
10:45 E. J. R. Sanders ( Co-Op Ash) P. K. E. Hudson ( Kemp & Stevens) D. Pettitt ( Thorne-Leggett (Wrecclesham)) G. H. Havell ( E. Finch & Sons)
11:00 --- --- E. J. Hinton ( Ford Mears A`shot *) --- n/a
11:01 n/a n/a A. J. Edmondson ( Noble Funeral Service) n/a n/a
11:30 D. A. Baker ( E. Finch & Sons) G. A. North ( Charles Read & Daughter) I. P. Luton ( Farnham Funeral Services) D. E. Bourne ( G.M. Luff & Partners)
12:00 n/a n/a n/a --- n/a
12:15 B. M. R. Robinson ( A & W Goddard Ltd) G. C. M. Carpentier ( Holmes & Family) A. L. N. Webb ( Fenix Funerals) G. Reed ( Co-Op Farnborough) C. H. A. Burrows ( Co-Op Ash)
13:30 J. Elmer ( Co-Op Farnborough) G. A. T. Readings ( E. Finch & Sons) P. S. Mills ( E. Finch & Sons) R. V. Cooper ( Thorne-Leggett (Whitehill))
14:15 P. Vimpany ( J Gorringe & Sons) D. E. Pearce ( Noble Funeral Service) J. M. Avery ( Ford Mears & Partners Yateley) N. E. M. Karn ( Alan Greenwood (Frimley)) C. W. C. Kirby ( Co-Op Fleet)
14:30 n/a G. A. C. Herman ( E. Finch & Sons) n/a n/a ---
15:00 Double Slot R. V. Hall ( H.C. Patrick) D. M. Stocker ( E. Finch & Sons) n/a
15:45 J. W. A. Whapshott ( E. Finch & Sons) S. F. Cox ( Co-Op Farnborough) G. S. Stoneman ( Co-Op Farnborough) n/a
Time Monday 30-May Tuesday 31-May Wednesday 01-Jun Thursday 02-Jun Friday 03-Jun
00:00 n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
09:15 S. A. Sumner ( Holmes & Family) n/a n/a
10:00 --- --- n/a n/a
10:01 n/a n/a --- n/a n/a
10:45 P. Baker ( A & W Goddard Ltd) J. Burrow ( Co-Op Aldershot) n/a n/a
11:00 n/a n/a --- n/a n/a
11:30 R. Stacey ( E. Finch & Sons) P. P. Porter ( E. Finch & Sons) F. Ayres ( H.C. Patrick) n/a n/a
12:15 D. Alley ( Ford Mears & Partners Frimley) M. Cope ( Ford Mears & Partners Farnborough) M. T. Hobbs ( Farnham Funeral Services) n/a n/a
13:30 M. Lonsdale ( Holmes & Family) M. J. West ( Noble Funeral Service) K. Stephenson ( Holmes & Family) n/a n/a
14:15 B. M. Barrett ( Co-Op Fleet) E. Allbright ( Co-Op Aldershot) n/a n/a
15:00 M. Dodd ( Co-Op Farnborough) n/a n/a n/a
15:45 F. E. Doughty ( A & W Goddard Ltd) D. Paddon ( E. Finch & Sons) n/a n/a n/a
Time Monday 06-Jun Tuesday 07-Jun Wednesday 08-Jun Thursday 09-Jun Friday 10-Jun
09:15 n/a n/a
09:30 n/a n/a n/a --- n/a
10:00 J. Cave ( Co-Op Frimley Green) M. R. Ellis ( Co-Op Frimley Green)
10:45 P. M. Gunstone ( Co-Op Farnborough)
11:30 L. A. Savage ( Holmes & Family) J. Woolley ( Co-Op Aldershot) A. Fox ( H.C. Patrick)
12:00 n/a n/a --- n/a n/a
12:15 S. J. Dickson ( A & W Goddard Ltd) M. Butchers ( Thorne-Leggett (Whitehill)) --- S. Stutley ( A & W Goddard Ltd)
13:30 T. Page ( Alan Greenwood (Farnham)) B. K. Norman ( Noble Funeral Service) D. E. J. Haigh ( E. Finch & Sons) S. Butcher ( Kemp & Stevens)
14:15 B. Gardner ( Co-Op Aldershot) R. R. Pearce ( Holmes & Family) S. Smith ( Kemp & Stevens)
15:00 Y. Smith ( A & W Goddard Ltd) K. Hodgson ( Co-Op Aldershot) n/a
15:45 T. F. Harrison ( Co-Op Frimley Green) A. N. Moorey ( Farnham Funeral Services) J. Morris ( Co-Op Aldershot) V. A. Hogan ( Co-Op Farnborough) n/a
Time Monday 13-Jun Tuesday 14-Jun Wednesday 15-Jun Thursday 16-Jun Friday 17-Jun
10:45 C. Elliott ( Co-Op Fleet)
11:30 R. A. Udall ( A & W Goddard Ltd) P. Windyatt ( A & W Goddard Ltd) S. Stratton ( Farnham Funeral Services)
12:15 J. Newman ( E. Finch & Sons)
13:30 G. Nicholson ( Holmes & Family) P. Jarvis ( Farnham Funeral Services)
14:15 S. D. Glenn ( Holmes & Family) G. Hawkins ( Farnham Funeral Services)
15:00 J. Ansell ( Thorne-Leggett (Wrecclesham)) S. Sargeant ( Thorne-Leggett (Whitehill)) n/a
15:45 W. Coombs ( Co-Op Ash) n/a
Time Monday 20-Jun Tuesday 21-Jun Wednesday 22-Jun Thursday 23-Jun Friday 24-Jun
15:00 n/a
15:45 n/a

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