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Unfurnished means the property is empty or only contains a small amount of furniture, equipment and items that are not enough to support anyone living there long-term. An unfurnished property would only include:

  • Carpets and curtains
  • Any items that are built into the property, such as some cookers, gas fires and fitted wardrobes or cupboards
  • White goods, such as a fridge or freezer
  • Abandoned items of furniture that are in such a poor state or repair that they can no longer have any use

Any more items that this would mean your property is 'furnished'.

Direct debit

If you have a bank or building society account, the best way to pay your council tax is by direct debit. You can pay each month or the full amount every year.

Due to the direct debit rules, we are not allowed to set up an online direct debit for you automatically. Instead, we will contact you shortly after you have completed this form to arrange a direct debit.

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