Pay your council tax in the way that works for you.

Your instalments 

The annual council tax bill is usually payable in 10 monthly instalments, starting in April and finishing in January. 

Each instalment payment should reach us by the 1st of the month. However, if you pay your council tax by direct debit, you may choose to have the instalment payment collected on the 1st, 10th or the 20th of the month. 

Your first instalment when setting up a new direct debit

You need to make sure that there are at least 14 days between you setting up a new direct debit and the instruction being accepted by your bank. This means that you may need to arrange to make the first payment by an alternative method, as the first instalment may not be collected until the following month.

Paying yearly 

To pay yearly, just pay the total amount due within 14 days of the date of the first instalment. 

Paying half yearly 

You need to make 2 payments: 

  • Within 14 days of the due date of the first instalment, pay the total of all of the instalments due up to 31 August 
  • By 1 September, pay the balance for the year 

If you move or your circumstances change 

We will issue a revised bill and your instalments may be different. For bills issued later in the year, the number of instalments is reduced. 

Ways to pay

The best and easiest way to pay your council tax is by direct debit. 

You can choose to pay on the 1st, the 10th or the 20th of the month and, as long as there is enough money in your account, the monthly amount shown on your bill will be collected automatically. 

Set up a direct debit
Pay your council tax online

Go to our secure online payment system and follow the on-screen instructions. 

You can pay with most debit/credit cards (not Diners Club card or American Express). 

Call our secure telephone payment line on 01252 398 373. 

You can pay with most debit/credit cards (not Diners Club card or American Express).

You can pay by cheque at the Post Office. Make your cheque payable to 'Post Office Counters Ltd'. The Post Office has a limit of £999 for cheque payments.

You must take your bill with you so the Post Office can scan your barcode, otherwise they will not accept your payment. 

  • Payments made at the Post Office will take at least 3 working days to leave your account 

These Post Offices in Rushmoor accept council tax payments: 


  • Church Road (Londis), 82 Church Road, GU11 3PS 
  • North Town, 62 Redan Road, GU12 4ST 
  • WH Smith, 63-68 Wellington Centre, GU11 1DB 


  • ASDA Farnborough, Westmead, GU14 7SQ 
  • 10-12 Alexandra Road, GU14 6DA 
  • Fox Lane (Co-op Food), 318 Fernhill Road, GU14 9EF
  • Oak Farm Estate (Londis), 50 Giffard Drive, GU14 8PX 
  • Rectory Road, 89 Rectory Road, GU14 7HY 

You can check to see where your nearest branch is, the services it offers and its opening hours on the Post Office website. 

Payzone locations accept council tax payments, but only in cash. 

You must take your bill with you so the barcode can be scanned, otherwise your payment will not be accepted. 

  • Payments made at Payzone outlets will take at least three working days to leave your account 


  • Akshar News, 76 Church Road, GU11 3PS 
  • Mina & Gus, 42 St Michael's Road, GU12 4JE 
  • Pinewood Stores,  68 Guildford Road, GU12 6BT 
  • Smart Food & Wine, 133 Victoria Road, GU11 1JW 
  • Taylor News, 360 High Street, GU12 4LU 
  • Thaper Bros, 36 Grosvenor Road, GU11 3DY 
  • Wine Sellers, 8 Upper Union Street, GU11 1EX 


  • Jeev Ltd, 185 Lynchford Road, GU14 6DH 
  • Londis, 81 Fernhill Road, GU14 9SA 
  • Simone Food & Wine Ltd, 310 Fernhill Road, GU14 9EE 
  • Whetstone Store Ltd, 89 Whetstone Road, GU14 9SX

You can ask your bank to make a bill payment to Rushmoor Borough Council: 

Bank: Lloyds Bank plc 
Sort code: 30-80-12 
Account:  Rushmoor Borough Council 
Account number:  13006860 
Reference: quote your billing number 

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