Details of mobile home park sites in Rushmoor

Mobile home park sites

There are four mobile home park sites in Rushmoor:

Mobile home park site rules

Under the Mobile Homes Act 2013, owners and operators of residential caravan sites and mobile home parks must deposit site rules with the local authority.

We must keep a register of site rules and publish them online.

The owner or operator of the site is responsible for making sure the site rules have been adopted in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 2013 and the Mobile Homes (Site Rules) (England) Regulations 2014.

Site rules which have been deposited with us can be downloaded from the table below.

Site name and address Licence holder name and address  Site rules
Hill Corner Farm Park
Sandy Lane
GU14 9JY
Mr E James c/o
The Site Office
Hill Corner Farm Park
Park rules for Hill Corner Farm Park
Martin's Park
Sandy Lane
GU14 9JZ
Mr M and Mrs C Martin
Martin's House
154 Sandy Lane
GU14 9JQ
Park rules for Martins Park
Chilton Farm Park
Fleet Road
GU14 9SJ
Wyldecrest Parks (Management) Ltd
Wyldecrest House
857 London Road
West Thurrock
RM20 3AT
Chilton Farm Park Residential Park Rules
Brookside Park
Hawley Lane
GU14 9BA
Mr S Howard
Old House Lane
GU24 9DB
Park rules for Brookside Park

Mobile homes fit and proper person test

The Mobile Homes (Requirement for Manager of Site to be Fit and Proper Person) (England) Regulations 2020, require us to introduce a fit and proper person test for mobile home site owners, or the person appointed to manage the site. The purpose of the test is to improve the standards of mobile homes site management. The test applies to a 'relevant protected site'.  This is a site, which requires a licence and which is not solely for holiday purposes or is otherwise not capable of being used all year round.

Mobile home site owners must submit an application form for a relevant person to be assessed as a fit and proper person to manage the site.  As part of this assessment, we must consider:

  • Whether the relevant person has a sufficient level of competence to manage the site
  • The management structure and funding arrangements for the site
  • Information regarding relevant person and responsible person
  • Conduct of any person associated or formerly associated with the relevant person
  • Any other relevant matters

We are required to establish and maintain a public register of persons who we are satisfied are fit and proper persons to manage a site. Following the assessment, a decision will be made as to whether to place the relevant person on the public register for up to five years, with or without conditions attached. Where they do not meet the requirements, we can decide not to place them on the register. 

Where the relevant person fails an assessment and the site owner is unable to identify and appoint a suitable alternative manager to undergo the fit and proper person assessment, we may appoint a person to manage the site, with the consent of the site owner. We can recover reasonable expenses incurred in making this appointment.

Our mobile homes fit and proper person determination policy explains what information we need, the checks we will carry out and how we will determine applications.

Fees for fit and proper person

Guidance on mobile homes fit and proper person test and setting fees can be seen on GOV.UK.

Fee type Fee

Application for entry on the fit and proper person register

Annual fee for existing entry on the fit and proper person register

£0 standard condition only

£37 per specific condition

Local authority appointed site manager

Recovery from the site owner of reasonable costs incurred in making the appointment

Our mobile homes fit and proper person fees policy outlines how our fees are set.

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