How to make a complaint about a licensed gambling premises, such as a betting shop, bingo hall or gaming centre.

What to do if you are experiencing problems with a licensed premises

If you are experiencing problems with a licensed gambling premises, we would recommend that first of all, you contact the licence holder to see if  you can sort it out between you. It may also be beneficial to speak to your neighbours, and approach the business as a group if they are also experiencing problems.

Other enforcing agencies

If your problem relates to a technical issue, for example noise, contact one of the agencies listed on our useful contacts page, who can investigate your complaint.

Contacting us

You  can view a public register of licensed gambling premises on the premises licensed for gambling and licence reviews page. If you believe that the premises is not being run in accordance with the licence and its conditions, contact us using the contact details below or use our report a problem with a gambling premises.

Please provide as much detail as possible about when the problems happen, as this will help us to make sure we carry out any enforcement visits at the relevant time.

Contact us

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