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Our roadmap shows what we've done recently and what we're working on now and next on transformation.

Things we are working on now

We're working on these things now:

  • Moving Customer Services to their new technology platform for customer relationship management and contact centre software
  • Moving the Princes Hall theatre to a new website with an updated design, latest application programming interface version, new content management system, and more resilient infrastructure
  • Moving our staff to a new business phone system with better performance, improved resilience, and lower cost
  • Updating tree preservation order data to publish better information online
  • Improving how residents can report fly-tipping and how we process the request to our contractor to collect it
  • Research into how we can reduce our costs on print, paper, and post
  • Research into how we can transform our housing options service to be more sustainable
  • Supporting people involved in this year's budget-setting process
  • Improvements to our new website, including updating sites run for us by suppliers to the new design, accessibility issues and spam form submissions

Things we are working on next

We're planning to work on these things next:

  • Begin the research, design, and development of digital service for residents to tell us they have moved home. This service could include: ‘tell us once’ style customer experience, integrations with back-office software in multiple services, and upsell marketing
  • Deliver cost reductions by implementing recommendations of the print and post project
  • A user research programme to explore new opportunities to achieve our strategic objectives

Things we are working on later

In the future, we plan to work on:

  • Develop our prototype 'manage my taxi licence' service into a beta service
  • Review progress on our community patrol and fly tipping projects
  • Implement GOV.UK Pay to take payments online and through Customer Services to improve our PCI compliance
  • Continuous improvement of Customer Service’s technology to introduce more scripted processes and integrations that reduce their training needs

Things we've done

In the past 2 years we have:

  • Launched a new council website with a modern design system, refreshed content, information architecture, and content management system
  • Worked with services to bring proposals forward for the Cost Reduction and Efficiencies Programme
  • Helped people with the move towards hybrid working
  • Organised an upgrade to our housing software
  • Worked with the community patrol team to understand their workload, responsibilities, and priorities
  • Made changes to our digital services for the start of food waste collections
  • Developed a proof of concept for looking up vehicle information
  • Built a prototype 'manage my taxi licence' service
  • Launched a new digital service for bonfires and smoke help and advice
  • Redesigned the fly tipping process
  • Rolled out new tablets to improve mobile working in the operations service
  • Researched and made recommendations on how we improve our PCI compliance
  • Worked with HR to research user needs and design the information architecture for the People Portal
  • Created a new website for Rushmoor Homes
  • Replaced the tool and found process improvements for sending out revenues and benefit documents
  • Worked with our housing options service to find the problems they are experiencing
  • Continuous improvement work including changes to 'Check I'm registered to vote', bulky and garden waste services, and how we record digital service feedback

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