Find out what business opportunities Aldershot offers you.

Millions of pounds are being invested in Aldershot to make it a better place to live, work and do business.

Huge investment in Aldershot

The town is receiving a huge amount of investment in housing, improvements to the station and street environment, and new education and recycling facilities.

The Wellesley housing development, is now under way and will provide up to 3,850 new properties.  It will be home to 11,000 residents, bringing skills and a boost to the local economy.  The development, one of the largest brownfield regeneration sites in the south east, will allow Aldershot to grow for the first time in nearly a century.

In 2015, a package of public space improvement works were completed in the town centre including re-paving, improved pedestrian routes, new pavements and new planting. 

As well as this, the town welcomed the opening of the thriving £65 million Westgate Leisure Park in 2012 - a Cineworld, eight family restaurants, Travelodge a Morrisons' supermarket and car parking.

You can find out more about the exciting improvements to the town centre on our town centre and regeneration pages.

This high level of investment and development, and great connectivity to London and major transport routes, combine to make Aldershot a great place to run a business.

Seize your opportunity to be part of Aldershot

Now is the time to seize your opportunity and find out more about setting up a business in Aldershot.

To find out more contact our economic development officer or the town centre manager using the contact details below.

Aldershot showreel

We have produced this film to showcase everything that Aldershot town has to offer, its many assets and the things that make it special.

Visit our Aldershot showreel page for more information.

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