Rushmoor Local Plan development plan document

We are preparing a new development plan document (DPD) called the Rushmoor Local Plan.

We are preparing a new, single Local Plan that will provide the overarching spatial strategy for Rushmoor, guiding the location, scale and type of future development from 2014 to 2032, as well as providing detailed development management policies.

Draft submission Local Plan consultation - now closed

We published the draft submission version of the Local Plan for public consultation between Friday 9 June and Friday 21 July 2017, inclusive. The consultation is now closed.

We are now processing all the representations we received and we will publish them on our draft submission Local Plan web pages as soon as possible. 

We will also prepare a report which summarises the issues raised during the consultation and sets out our response. This report, together with all the 'duly made' representations received during the consultation period, will be submitted to the Planning Inspectorate for examination, alongside the plan and its supporting documents.

The expected date for submission of the plan is early 2018.  A planning inspector will then be appointed and will hold a public hearing, which is likely to take place in Spring/Summer 2018.  

You can view the draft submission version of the Local Plan below:

pdf icon Draft submission Local Plan (June 2017) [3Mb]

You can view key documents which support the Local Plan below. The Duty to Co-operate Statement and the Statement of Consultation will be updated before the submission of the Plan, in order to include the comments we received during the recent public consultation.

You can find further details about the production of the Local Plan, and other development plan documents, in the latest Local Development Scheme on our Programme management for the Rushmoor Plan page.  

The first stage of public consultation on the Local Plan, known as the 'preferred approach', took place in June and July 2015. You can read about the 'preferred approach' consultation and its outcomes on the Rushmoor Local Plan - preferred approach page. The latest version of the plan takes into account many of the ideas and comments from earlier consultations.

Assessing the sustainability of the Rushmoor Local Plan

We have prepared an updated Sustainability Appraisal (SA) to assess the environmental, economic and social impact of our plan policies within the draft submission version of the Local Plan. This appraisal incorporates the requirements of the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA).

We have also prepared an updated Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) to determine if the Local Plan would have significant adverse effects on the integrity of internationally-designated sites of nature conservation importance, or Natura 2000 sites.

Equalities Impact Assessment

We are required by law to assess the likely impact of the Local Plan's policies upon the local community with the aim of eliminating discrimination and tackling inequality and this is set out in the document below:

Key documents that have informed the emerging local plan

The following key documents have informed the emerging local plan.   Further background evidence and studies can be viewed on our Evidence in support of the Rushmoor Plan page.  


Economic Viability

Employment and Economy




Open space and recreation



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