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Find out how our housing strategies help us meet local needs.

Housing and Homelessness Strategy survey 2016 -2021

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Housing and Homelessness Strategy survey in May and June.  

We will be using the information you gave us to help inform our Housing and Homelessness Strategy for 2016 - 2021, which will be considered by members of our Cabinet later this year.

Why we need a housing strategy

All councils have to produce a housing strategy by law. This is because they give a clear structure for us and our housing partners to provide housing and housing-related services for our residents.

The strategies help us to make sure that:

  • Our existing housing is in a good, safe condition
  • New housing meets the needs and aspirations of our community and is built to good quality standards
  • We target limited affordable housing resources to those who need them the most
  • What we do links well with other organisations, such as housing associations, private landlords and other specialist agencies

How we produce the strategies

We put the strategies together using information we have on housing needs in Rushmoor and evidence of what is happening in the local housing market. We also take into account:

  • Government policy
  • Views of residents, councillors, housing service providers and other partners

Our housing strategies and plans

We have a number of strategies available, which address a wide range of housing issues.

We published a new Housing and Homelessness Strategy in the autumn of 2011. This brought the Housing, Homelessness, Older Persons' and Empty Property Strategies into one document with one action plan.

We adopted our Tenancy Strategy in December 2012. This provides guidance to housing associations on  the issues to be covered in their tenancy policies, in particular their approach on lifetime and fixed term tenancies.

Current strategy documents

Together with other Hampshire local authorities, we have prepared a pdf icon Central and North Hampshire Tenancy Strategy Statement [1Mb]. This provides Hampshire-wide guidance to housing associations on their tenancy policies.

It is important to meeting the current and future housing needs of people in Rushmoor. We need to make sure that good quality housing is available for many different households including:

  • Families
  • Single people
  • Older people
  • People who need specialist accommodation
  • People who cannot afford to rent or buy a home of their own
  • People who are looking to buy their first home
  • People moving into Rushmoor to work

Supporting information on housing need and the housing market

For more information on our housing strategies, please contact our please contact our Housing Strategy and Enabling Team using the contact details on this page.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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