We would like to change our council tax support scheme and would like your views.

We know that many people are still struggling with the cost of living, so we are proposing to change our council tax support scheme for next year so we can support more people on the lowest incomes.

We'd like to hear your views on the proposed change in our short survey.

Under our current council tax support scheme, you can get up to 88% off your council tax bill if you are of working age, and up to 100% off your bill If you are a pensioner. 

We would like to increase the most amount of support we can provide from 88% to 100% for people of working age.

This would mean that those residents most in need would no longer pay any council tax. Pensioners would carry on getting up to 100% of their council tax paid.

Having looked at the cost of collecting the relatively small amounts of council tax from the most vulnerable people, we have assessed that this change would cost about the same, so is affordable.

Our survey is available until 15 December. Any change would come into effect from 1 April.

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