Rushmoor Borough Council has approved a new Council Plan which sets out its focus for the next three years - identifying town centre regeneration and tackling climate change as its top priorities.

The plan, agreed by the full council, charts the progress made with Union Yard in Aldershot, and identifies that as a top priority along with the redevelopment of The Galleries in Aldershot and the Civic Quarter in Farnborough. 

The Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council, Councillor David Clifford, explained: "We will be spending tens of millions of pounds on both our town centres over the next few years to make sure they are fit for the 21st century and able to compete with our neighbouring towns. Our aim from the start has always been to kickstart this process and we have done that - and are making great progress." 

The new Council Plan outlines the steps the council needs to make to realise its longer-term vision set out in the document 'Your Future, Your Place - A vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030'

It was drawn up following engagement with the people of Aldershot and Farnborough, through a residents' survey in summer 2021, and follows on and updates the current plan. 

The key activities come under two headings - 'People'- connecting communities and enabling people to live healthy and sustainable lives and 'Place' - ensuring Aldershot and Farnborough are family-friendly, safe, vibrant, and sustainable. They include: 

  • Completing the Union Yard development and supporting the regeneration of The Galleries in Aldershot 
  • Progressing the regeneration of Farnborough town centre, including the civic quarter 
  • The second phase of the rollout of the council's weekly food waste recycling service to households with shared bins 
  • Developing a new leisure centre in Farnborough 
  • Supporting apprenticeships, research and innovation opportunities through the Aerospace Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC) 
  • Developing Southwood Country Park, including the visitor centre   
  • Tackling climate change by designing and delivering services in a green and sustainable way so that the council can become carbon neutral by 2030 

At the same meeting, councillors also agreed to increase Rushmoor's share of the council tax by just £5 a year for an average Band D property. Residents living in Band D properties will see their annual council tax bill for the Rushmoor Borough Council set at £219.42, a rise of just ten pence a week. 

The council collects the council tax on behalf of Hampshire County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire and Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority and keeps just 12 per cent of the bill itself to help fund more than 100 different local services for residents.

Councillor Clifford said: "The Council Plan is an ambitious document that we are determined to deliver for the people of Aldershot and Farnborough. 

"It sets out the role that we will play in making sure that Rushmoor is a thriving place with a strong community that is a fantastic place to live, work and do business." 

He added: "Our budget is one which balances the need for focusing on our key priorities of regeneration, improving the quality of life for our residents, and the important role we can play in tackling climate change, with a need to keep a watchful eye on spending in these difficult economic times." 

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