Southwood consultation webcasts

We webcast the discussions on the Southwood consultation.

Cabinet meeting, Tuesday 12 December at 7pm

The Cabinet met to decide on future options for Southwood Golf Course. For the agenda, visit Cabinet, Tuesday 12 December.

Video of the Cabinet meeting

Council meeting, Thursday 7 December at 7pm

The Council formally received a petition opposing the closure of Southwood Golf Course and considered how to respond to the comments.

For the agenda, please visit the Council, Thursday 7 December page.

Video of the Council meeting 

Video from the Environment and Leisure and Youth Panels' meeting

The Environment and Leisure and Youth Panels held a joint meeting on Tuesday 7 November to discuss the consultation. 

Minutes of this meeting

Please visit the Joint meeting of the Environment and Leisure and Youth Policy and Review Panels web page to see the agenda and draft minutes.


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