Visiting our town centres

We've introduced changes in our town centres to help you visit them safely.

Most businesses and shops have re-opened and are following the government's coronavirus guidelines. This includes pubs, cafes, restaurants, hair salons and barbers.

To show that they meet these guidelines, they should display a Staying COVID-19 secure notice in their windows or outside their premises.  

We're working to support local businesses in our town centres and local shopping centres as much as possible.

Shopping centres

For details of the measures the three main indoor shopping centres are taking, please see their websites:

Wider pedestrian routes

We've worked with Hampshire County Council to introduce changes to help people follow the guidance on social distancing and other public safety measures. This is to help you feel safe when you are visiting our town and local centres.

In places, there are wider pedestrian routes so that you can maintain social distancing through the town centres and shopping areas.

In some places, there are fewer on-street car park spaces to increase pavement widths, and steps to make sure that pedestrians can move safely around the centres. 

Signage and social distancing markers

There is signage to our town centres to make people feel welcome and to remind them of the simple things they can do when they are visiting to keep themselves and others safe.

We have also put down social distancing markers to help people to socially distance from each other, especially as they may need to queue outside shops. In addition, signs advise pedestrians to walk on the left.

Hand sanitiser stations and extra cleaning

Hand sanitiser stations are available at the main pedestrian routes into our town and local centres.

We're carrying out more frequent cleaning of our town centres and regular disinfecting of things that people touch a lot, like hand rails. 

North Camp road changes

Hampshire County Council has made temporary changes to Camp Road and Old Lynchford Road to improve the area for pedestrians and cyclists and to make it easier to maintain social distancing.

You can find more information about the scheme on Hampshire County Council's website.

Public toilets

Some of our public toilets are now open. You can find out which ones on our  public toilets page.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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