We are working with Hampshire County Council to improve access to and from Aldershot railway station.

About the railway station improvements

We recognise Aldershot railway station is a key gateway into the town centre and an important interchange for trains and buses, but its forecourt and approach are in need of improvement.

We identified the site as a priority in the Rushmoor Local Plan and in the Aldershot town centre prospectus.

Bus station closure

Stagecoach moved out of the bus station in early May.  Passengers can now catch the bus from the town centre at new bus stops. 

The new stops are in areas that are currently allocated for taxi ranks, loading bays or on-street parking, with the loading bays and taxi ranks relocated to alternative positions close by and most of the existing on-street parking kept.

The new bus stops are at:

  • Victoria Road - two additional bus stops in the existing taxi rank outside The Wellington centre
  • Court Road - buses and taxis will share this road space, with two new bus stops in one of the taxi ranks 
  • High Street - an additional stop will be created near the library
  • Station Road - a new stop will be created to serve the railway station
  • The bus stand in Frederick Street will be extended

Access to the station

We have been working with Hampshire County Council to develop plans to improve vehicle, cycle and pedestrian access to the station.

These plans include:

  • Windsor Way and the southern section of Arthur Street will become two-way between Victoria Road and Station Road
  • The Windsor Way junction will be reduced in size and there will be new pedestrian crossing facilities
  • A new cycle route from the A323, through the Wellesley development, to the railway station 
  • A new crossing point for pedestrians and cyclists across the High Street to the east of Naafi Roundabout
  • Priority crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, which will make it safer around the junctions on Victoria Road
  • A new cycle route along Arthur Street, with some existing on-street parking spaces being relocated on Victoria Road. The existing one-way system will be reversed allowing access from Victoria Road and exit via Windsor Way

Station forecourt improvements

Hampshire County Council has developed proposals to improve the station forecourt and access to it. These include:

  • Better pedestrian access between the station and the town centre
  • Better access to the train station car park for vehicles and improved walking routes for pedestrians between the car park and the main station access
  • Improved access for buses, taxis and to the car park
  • Public realm improvements within the area of the station forecourt
  • Highway maintenance improvements and renewals within the public highway in the area

You can find out more about both schemes on the improving access to Aldershot railway station page on Hampshire County Council's website.

External funding for regeneration

We were successful in securing £200,000 of government grant funding from the Enterprise M3 LEP to help with development costs.

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