If you have noticed a vehicle that you think is abandoned, you can report it to us.

A vehicle is abandoned if it has been intentionally left on or off the road and the owner does not intend to return to it.

An untaxed vehicle is not necessarily abandoned.

To check if a vehicle is currently taxed, you can use the GOV.UK - vehicle enquiry service and enter the vehicle registration and make. If you find the vehicle is untaxed and it is on a public road, you can report it to the DVLA.

To report an abandoned vehicle please contact our Customer Services team using the contact details below.

How to tell if a vehicle has been abandoned

There are some things to look out for that can help identify an abandoned vehicle:

  • If the vehicle has not moved for a long time and has no apparent owner
  • If the vehicle is in a poor state of repair e.g. broken glass, flat tyres
  • If the vehicle is in an unusual location, like in a park or green space

What happens when you report an abandoned vehicle

We will inspect the vehicle and make contact with its registered keeper. If we do not hear from them and agree that the vehicle has been abandoned, we will apply a statutory notice stating our intention to remove the vehicle. This will give the owner of the vehicle or the owner of the land that is is parked on an opportunity to remove it.

If after the notice expires, the vehicle is still in the same position, it will be removed. If the owner does claim the vehicle it will be their responsibility to remove it.

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