Find out what we can do to help if you find a vehicle that is breaking our parking rules on a street in Aldershot or Farnborough.

There are lots of rules and regulations about when we can use parking enforcement. We can only investigate the following problems where vehicles are parked:

  • On yellow lines
  • In a disabled bay and no disabled badge is displayed
  • In a limited waiting bay for longer than allowed
  • In a loading bay where you cannot see loading or unloading taking place
  • At a bus stop or taxi rank
  • Across a dropped kerb preventing access to your driveway

There are occasions when a vehicle may seem to be parked illegally, but is not. For example:

  • A vehicle parked on yellow lines while un/loading, may park for as long as needed, while actively un/loading
  • A vehicle parked on yellow lines while displaying a disabled person’s blue badge may park for three hours
  • A vehicle parked on a grass verge or footpath not covered by a yellow line restriction – in this case we do not have any power to enforce