Media release - issued 04 Jan 2018

Pollution at King George V Playing Fields, Farnborough

Advice following the overflow of sewage into the top end of King George V Playing Fields between Christmas and the New Year.

Sewage overflow - 5 January

The pollution was caused by a sewage overflow from a manhole on properties next to the park. The sewage then spilled under the fence and into the park.

Thames Water is responsible for the sewer and has been out twice to clear recent blockages. We have also written to the residents of these properties asking them to think more carefully about what they put down their toilets to prevent further blockages.

Our environmental health pollution team and parks manager have been out to the park to assess the problem. The main contamination is within the woodland which has very heavy scrub acting as a natural barrier to all but dogs. However, as this is on a slope, some fluid has washed further down towards the park.

The park remains open as usual but we have put up signs around the area affected to warn park users to keep their dogs on leads and to keep dogs and children away from any standing water in that area. 

We are concerned that this could recur and, given the potential health issues, we are pursuing Thames Water for a more permanent solution. 

Update on sewage overflow - 9 January 

We are also advising all visitors to the park to wash their hands if they think they might have touched anything which could be contaminated.

We have also now been in touch with Public Health England about the incident. Public Health England has confirmed the council has taken the correct measures in this case.

Pollution at King George V Playing Fields - sewage area sign Pollution at King George V Playing Fields - front gate sewage sign Update on sewage overflow - 12 January

On 10 January, signs were put up at all entrances to the park.  The signs in the area of the sewage leak have also been updated. 

On 11 January, Thames Water confirmed they were going to carry out a high pressure water jetting of the sewer to remove any debris from the sewage line and examine the pipe work with CCTV cameras. This will tell them about the condition of the sewer and identify any problems.

Update on sewage overflow - 19 January

Thames Water contacted us on Thursday to say that  its contractors had high pressure water jetted the pipe and carried out a CCTV survey. This has been downloaded  for engineers to examine. We expect an update on this soon. We intend to re-open the  polluted area on 1 February.

Map and aerial view of affected area

King George's Field - affected area

King George's Field aerial view - affected area Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

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If you would like to speak to our parks or environmental health teams, please contact them using the Customer Services' contact details on this page.

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