How to apply for the Discretionary council tax energy rebate and information about the energy bill discount scheme.

The government has announced a package of support in 2022/23, to help households with rising energy bills. 

This includes: 

  • Council tax energy rebate - a £150 non-repayable council tax rebate for all households that are in bands A to D in England
  • Discretionary council tax energy rebate - £144 million to support households who need support but are not eligible for the rebate
  • Energy bill discount scheme - a £400 discount on energy bills this autumn

Council tax energy rebate

Households in England in council tax bands A to D on 1 April 2022, who are not exempt from council tax, are eligible for a £150 rebate payment. This also includes band E homes that have a disabled band reduction to a band D. 

This is a one-off payment to households. This payment won't have to be repaid.  

Around 80% of households in England are in council tax bands A to D, so will benefit from this rebate. The rebate will not be paid for second homes or empty properties.  

Households in England in bands A to D that pay less than £150, or do not pay council tax as a result of Local Council Tax Support, are eligible for the payment. 

Residents in receipt of the Single Person Discount in bands A to D are eligible for the payment.

To be qualify for this payment, your home must also: 

  • Be occupied as a sole or main residence, and
  • Be a chargeable property for council tax, or be exempt from paying council tax for one of the following reasons:
    • The property is occupied only by students
    • The property is only occupied by people under 18
    • The property is occupied by someone with a severe mental impairment
    • The property is an occupied annex therefore not chargeable

If you would like to make an application, please contact customer services on 01252 398399 to register your interest. 

The part of the scheme closes on Friday 30 September. Anyone that has applied but not yet received the £150, or for anyone who is eligible and has not applied using our online form, we will credit £150 to your council tax account.

Discretionary council tax energy rebate

The discretionary council tax energy rebate is available if you need help with your energy bills, but do not qualify for the £150 payment above. 

To qualify for a discretionary payment of up to £150, you must have been living in the property on 1 April 2022 and:


  • You live in a home with a council tax band of E to H and receive council tax support 


  • You are a tenant who is not liable for council tax, but you receive benefit and are responsible for making energy payments (for gas or electricity) 

If you live in a home with multiple households (for example a House in Multiple Occupation), the £150 payment will be divided up based on the number of occupied rooms in your home.  

We have produced a council tax energy rebate discretionary scheme document to explain more about how we will give out the funds. 

You will be able to make a claim for the discretionary payment up to 30 November, or until the fund of £134,000 that we have been given by the government, has run out. 

Check or challenge your council tax band 

If you’re not sure of your council tax band, you can check your council tax band on the GOV.UK website.

For more information on challenging your council tax band, visit our council tax bands page

Energy bill discount scheme

Domestic energy customers will receive a £400 energy bill discount on their bills this autumn. 

The government will provide funding to all energy suppliers for them to pass on to their customers from October. The government will set out more detail on this policy, later in the year. 

Local authorities are not responsible for administering this scheme.

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