Guidance and how to submit your application for the community grant scheme.

How to apply

  1. Check that your project meets the criteria of this fund
  2. Gather together all the supporting documents required including quotes (see below)
  3. Download and complete the community grants application form. You can then send it to us at using the instructions on the form with the supporting documents listed below.

We are happy to receive other supporting documents and photos to back your application.

If you would like to discuss an application before submitting to the fund, please contact us using the details below.

Applications are considered monthly until the funding runs out.

Information to be provided with your application

  • A copy of your organisation's constitution (schools should provide their instrument of governance)
  • A copy of the organisation's latest audited/independently checked accounts or, if you are a new group, a projected budget for the first year together with a bank statement (schools should provide their main budget detailed report)
  • Written quotes for the items/services to be purchased

Who can apply for a community grant

We will consider applications from voluntary organisations, community groups and schools.

You must be a non-profit-making organisation or charity and have no restrictions on membership.  As part of the application process, we will ask for evidence that your organisation is properly constituted.  We will ask you to show that the activity you'd like funding for is not-for-profit and for the community's benefit.

Your headquarters does not have to be in Rushmoor, but you must be able to show that what you do benefits the communities of Rushmoor.

You will need to make sure you have:

  • A written governing document, such as a set of rules, a constitution or a trust deed
  • At least 3 unrelated people on the governing body or management committee
  • A UK-based bank or building society account in the name of your organisation that requires at least two people (who are unrelated and do not live at the same address) to sign cheques and make a withdrawal

Groups working with children, young people and vulnerable adults will need to have the appropriate safeguarding policy.

Funding conditions (updated June 2022)

Please note new conditions of this fund:

  • Projects must not be retrospective. Organisations should not commit themselves to a project or any spending before they receive written confirmation of the grant
  • All applications must support the council's key corporate people priorities and match at least one of the following criteria:
    • Healthy lifestyles (such as projects around physical or mental health, including encouraging active lifestyles)
    • Opportunities and aspirations for young people
  • Projects must be delivered within one year from the date of the award letter - if the grant has not been spent within this time, the grant will be reconsidered and may need to be reapplied for
  • Organisations will only be awarded one council grant in a financial year (i.e. a Community grant or a Ward grant, or a Farnborough airport community environmental fund grant) (Financial year runs from April to March)
  • Any previous projects funded by the council must be completed before another application from the organisation can be made
  • Payment will be made in arrears by BACS once evidence that costs have been incurred have been provided (these must not pre-date the award of the grant)
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a feedback form within one month of receiving the funding - failure to provide a feedback report will result in any future funding applications made to Rushmoor Borough Council being rejected until adequate feedback is received
  • Any changes to successful projects must be put in writing to the council before any funding is committed to the project
  • Organisations must:
    • Be local and a non-profit-making organisation or charity
    • Have no restrictions on membership
    • Provide evidence that the organisation is properly constituted, i.e. provide your written governing document
    • Have a bank account and provide a set of accounts
    • Have an appropriate safeguarding policy (where required)

Examples of suitable projects

  • Community defibrillators
  • Equipment/kit for sports/youth groups
  • Physical or mental health events/activities e.g. health and wellbeing walks, cycle rides, ‘give it a try’ sport events
  • Opportunities for young people
  • Aspirational events for young people

What happens once you've applied

We will contact you to let you know we've received your application and when you might expect to hear from us with a decision.

We will check your application form, along with the enclosed documents, to see if it is complete.

If your application is not complete, we will ask you for the missing information. We also contact you for additional information.

If you don't complete the forms fully or you fail to provide additional information, we will not consider your application for a grant.

The Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Democratic, Strategy and Partnerships will make their decision having looked at all the information provided on the application and supporting documents.

We consider applications on their merits and the amount of available funding.  We try to support as many appropriate schemes as we can.

How we assess applications

We consider the following when we make a decision:

  • If the project meets the criteria for the fund
    • Healthy lifestyles or
    • Opportunities and aspirations for young people
  • The contribution to the objectives of our partners, such as health or sport
  • Any funding from other organisations
  • What you will use the money for
  • The contribution to the local community
  • The need for financial help, including your organisation's balances
  • The purpose of the organisation and the help requested
  • Sustainability
  • Social inclusion, especially the impact on hard-to-reach groups
  • Previous help we've provided
  • The period of the grant
  • If you receive any rent or rate relief and, if so, how much
  • Accessibility, especially for people with disabilities
  • Any direct links with the council

We will base our decision on the application form and supporting information you provide. You will need to address all sections of the application form in full, as they form the key criteria for consideration.

If your application is successful

You will need to return a signed acceptance form and supporting documents before we issue your grant.

We pay grants in arrears by BACS to the named organisation on completion of the project. You will need to provide evidence of your spend, such as invoices or receipts.

In exceptional circumstances and at our discretion, we may pay the funding before you incur costs. It will be up to you to ask us to consider this before you sign the acceptance form.

You will need to start work on the project within six months of the award and complete it within one year unless we have agreed in writing special arrangements.

You must only use your grant for the purpose you applied for.  We will only release funding for the agreed elements shown on the acceptance form.

Within one month of payment of the grant, you will have to give us a short report. To help with this, we will provide you with a feedback form template.

Details of successful grants will be recorded and published on the council website.

Help for your project

If your project involves young people aged between one and 25 years, Community Matters Partnership (CMPP) may be able to provide volunteers to help carry out your project. CMPP's Community Action Days are aimed at supporting local schools, youth groups, charities, colleges and not-for-profit organisations that work with young people in and around Rushmoor.

For more information or for an informal chat, please email or register your interest on the CMPP Community Action Day website.

Another source of funding 

Rushmoor Community Lottery is an alternative way of regular fundraising.  For more information visit our Rushmoor Community Lottery page.


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