Farnborough civic quarter regeneration

The civic quarter sits to the south of Farnborough town centre and presents a significant opportunity for development.

Our regeneration plans for the civic quarter

The civic quarter offers a significant opportunity for a development that integrates with the town centre.

The site is currently home to Farnborough Leisure Centre, Elles Hall community centre, Farnborough library, Westmead House (offices), a skate park, surface car parks and a public green space. It was also home to the now-demolished police station. 

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The civic quarter will be a vibrant mixed-use space, providing new opportunities for town centre living alongside active ground floor uses, such as cafes and restaurants along with the leisure centre, library and community centre. Improvements to the public space will see an improved central green, forming the focal point for events, and improved pedestrian links between the town centre (at the side of Iceland) and Farnborough Business Park. 

What's happened so far

  • June 2015 - we adopt the pdf icon Farnborough Civic Quarter Masterplan SPD [9Mb] following public consultation. It sets out the planning framework to make sure there is coordinated approach to redevelopment of the site
  • January 2017 - AECOM is appointed to develop the civic quarter masterplan
  • January 2017 - landowners enter into a memorandum of understanding
  • February 2017 - we appoint GVA to provide property advice including a review of the current leisure centre building
  • March 2017 - the police station building is demolished to allow for a first phase of development
  • September 2017 - we receive the draft of property advice report from GVA and options for leisure centre provision
  • January 2018 - Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) carries out public consultation on the former police station site proposals
  • May 2018 - Farnborough Community Centre Association announces plans to disband. The council confirms that the building will not be passed over to other user groups to run
  • July 2018 - our Cabinet agrees costs associated with the re-location of Citizens Advice from the community centre building to the council offices, scheduled to complete by spring 2019
  • October 2018 - we approve the establishment of the Rushmoor Development Partnership - a joint venture between Rushmoor Borough Council and Hill Investments Limited to take forward development proposals across a number of key sites in the borough, including the civic quarter
  • April 2019 - we acquire the former police station site from Homes England

Next steps in the regeneration of the civic quarter

From the work carried out so far, we now have a good understanding of the site's constraints and potential development options available.

Over the coming months, the Rushmoor Development Partnership will be developing proposals for the site with input from the other landowners of the site - Hampshire County Council, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) and the Wilky Group - with the intention of submitting a planning application in spring/summer 2019. 

The next step is to engage with key stakeholders and residents to understand their aspirations, with a particular focus on community uses, public open space and leisure. Please visit our Help us to shape the Farnborough civic quarter page for information. 

About the civic quarter

The civic quarter formed part of Pinehurst Barracks in the run-up to the Second World War. The community centre was formerly the sergeants' mess building.

The 1970s saw a substantial change on the form of the area, with the clearing away of much of the barracks and the emergence of the civic quarter in the form of the library, police station and the first phase of the leisure centre.

The second phase of development on the leisure centre followed in the 1980s and the site layout has been maintained to the current day. 

Civic quarter

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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