Buildings of local importance map

Search for a building of local importance in Aldershot or Farnborough using our interactive map.

There are many buildings and structures in Aldershot and Farnborough that we have identified as having significant historical or architectural merit locally.

These buildings and structures are listed in our buildings of local importance supplementary planning document (SPD), which also sets out our criteria for assessing them as being of local importance.

Being identified as a building of local importance means that we will give the building or structure special consideration if we receive a planning application relating to it.

Our buildings of local importance list is separate to the national statutory list, which English Heritage manages and which features grade II, II* and I listed buildings.

Search for a building of local importance

To find local listing information and photographs for a building or structure of local importance, please type the name of the building, or the road it is in, into the search box below. You can also use the zoom on the map to find the property, then click on the point to find the information and photographs.



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