Polling district and polling places review

The council is currently reviewing its polling districts, polling places and polling stations.

We are required to carry out a review of our polling districts and polling stations every four years. This is set out in the Representation of the People Act 1983 and Section 16 of the Electoral Administration Act 2006 and under Section 17 of the Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013.

For more information please see our pdf icon Notice of Polling District and Polling Place Review [106kb] that we sent to our councillors.

We must carry out the review to make sure that electors have facilities for voting that are as reasonable as possible.

Have your say

We invite comments from anyone about the polling districts and polling places within the Rushmoor area. 

Your suggestions could be about an alternative polling place to vote, or sub-division of a polling district into a smaller area, where electors might not currently be adequately provided for.

Please send us your comments by email to elections@rushmoor.gov.uk. The deadline for this consultation is Friday 16 October.

We will publish the proposals on this website in December.

About polling districts

A polling district is a geographical sub-division of an electoral area.

For voting purposes, each parliamentary constituency and every local government ward is divided into one or more polling district. Wherever possible, the polling districts for local government electors mirror that agreed for parliamentary elections.

Rushmoor has 13 wards divided into 33 polling districts, which vary in size and population.

Aldershot Park5,148
Cove and Southwood5,382
Manor Park5,725
North Town4,941
St John's5,109
St Mark's5,253
West Heath4,994
Total Electorate (August 2020)         66,041

For a full list of polling districts and stations, see our pdf icon List of polling districts and polling stations [98kb] document. pdf icon Rushmoor Ward Boundaries and Polling Stations [4Mb] are shown on the attached map which also includes polling district boundaries.

About polling places

A polling place is a building in which a polling station is located.

About polling stations

A polling station is where the voting actually takes place and must be in the polling place designated for the particular polling district.

You can have more than one polling station in a polling place.

When we decide which buildings to use as polling stations, we try to make sure that they are located as conveniently as possible for most electors and that they are accessible to everyone, particularly anyone with a disability. We consider things like how far people will have to travel to vote and any barriers to them getting there, such as major roads.

Your ward information

You can find out which ward you live in, by visiting our in my area section.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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