Local elections - 3 May 2012

Results of the Rushmoor Borough Council local elections.

Aldershot Park ward

Name of candidatePartyVotes
COLLINS RolandLiberal Democrat202
PERRIN Lucy EmmaConservative401
SLADE GlenConservative451
WATKIN Neil JonathanConservative406

Turnout: 25.1%

Ward information for Aldershot Park including maps and polling station locations.

Cherrywood ward

Name of candidatePartyVotes
BUDDLE Albert Edward GeoffreyUK Independence Party212
CARD Craig WilliamLiberal Democrat354
GRATTAN Clive PatrickLabour453 (ELECTED)
HAMMOND JackieConservative416
JONES BarryLabour445 (ELECTED)
MANNING Michael JohnLiberal Democrat361
MASTERSON SteveConservative409
MURPHY Shaun Patrick JosephLiberal Democrat323
SMITH MikeConservative426

Turnout: 26.6%

Ward information for Cherrywood including maps and polling station locations.

Cove and Southwood

Name of candidatePartyVotes
ANDREWS Clive WilliamLabour342
CARTER Susan MaryConservative940 (ELECTED)
CHAINEY Alan Michael JohnConservative930 (ELECTED)
HAMMOND Yvonne AnneLabour322
JUPP BrianLiberal Democrat298
SHATTOCK Jane MarionUK Independence Party292
SHELTON EdLabour311
TENNANT Martin JohnConservative804 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 28.8%

Ward information for Cove and Southwood including maps and polling station locations.


Name of candidatePartyVotes
CHOWNS Stephen MartinLiberal Democrat311
CLIFFORD David EdwardConservative838 (ELECTED)
LYON GarethConservative789 (ELECTED)
MARTIN Stephen JamesLabour280
PARKER Brian WilliamConservative740 (ELECTED)
PARKINSON SharonLabour295
WRIGHT Christopher MarkLabour304

Turnout: 29.7%

Ward information for Empress including maps and polling station locations.


Name of candidatePartyVotes
COULE Martin AnthonyLabour345
FERRIER Alan MacdonaldConservative915 (ELECTED)
HAMILTON HammyLiberal Democrat262
HAYWARD Peter StuartLabour300
MARSH John HenryConservative892 (ELECTED)
MUSCHAMP KenConservative860 (ELECTED)
VYRNWY-PIERCE RobinLabour290

Turnout: 25.6%

Ward information for Fernhill including maps and polling station locations.


Name of candidatePartyVotes
DIBBS Roland Leslie GeoffreyConservative1099 (ELECTED)
JACKMAN AdamConservative1084 (ELECTED)
MACKIE JuneLiberal Democrat428
SIMPSON Trevor MarkLabour344
SMITH JuneLabour439
TAYLOR Paul GrahamConservative1105 (ELECTED)
TOOTILL William JohnLabour353

Turnout: 31.6%

Ward information for Knellwood including maps and polling station locations.

Manor Park

Name of candidatePartyVotes
BANNER Maurice WilfredLiberal Democrat189
CRERAR Peter Ian CharlesConservative736 (ELECTED)
HUGHES RonConservative744 (ELECTED)
PESTRIDGE Lesley SandraLabour422
POOLE EddieUK Independence Party281
RUST CarolLabour446
SWADDLING DoniniqueLabour407
THOMAS Bruce AlfredConservative617 (ELECTED)

 Turnout: 26.2%

Ward information for Manor Park including maps and polling station locations.

North Town

Name of candidatePartyVotes
DAWSON Lee BrendanConservative334
DIBBLE KeithLabour907 (ELECTED)
DIBBLE Susan AnneLabour832 (ELECTED)
FRANCIS-CRERAR Norma JenniferConservative307
RUST FrankLabour804 (ELECTED)
STEWART Calum JamesConservative369

Turnout: 26.3%

Ward information for North Town including maps and polling station locations.


Name of candidatePartyVotes
CHOUDHARY CharlesConservative765 (ELECTED)
CHOUDHARY SophiaConservative753 (ELECTED)
CLARK JillLabour505
DYMOND JimLabour479
MATTHEWS JanLabour482
PEARSON PeteLiberal Democrat317
WELCH David MillingtonConservative808 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 29.7%

Ward information for Rowhill including maps and polling station locations.

St John's

Name of candidatePartyVotes
BRAGGER NickLabour265
HURST Barbara JoanConservative774 (ELECTED)
LAWRANCE MaryLabour284
MACGREGOR DonaldLabour293
MOYLE Peter JohnConservative780 (ELECTED)
POWERS Matthew Thomas FrederickUK Independence Party260
SIMPKINS JohnLiberal Democrat233
VOSPER JacquiConservative738 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 25.9%

Ward information for St John's including maps and polling station locations.

St Mark's

Name of candidatePartyVotes
ALLARD Crispin Toby JohnLiberal Democrat483
BEDFORD Diane BeverleyConservative720 (ELECTED)
BRIMICOMBE JulianaThe Christian Party93
COOPER RodConservative562 (ELECTED)
CORPS LizConservative597 (ELECTED)
JANNESARI SohailLabour214
JONES Laura ClaireLabour249
KOHER CHOWDHURY AbulLiberal Democrat371
MACKIE Alistair JamesLiberal Democrat472
SOUTHON Colin FrederickLabour220

Turnout: 28.6%

Ward information for St Mark's including maps and polling station locations.


Name of candidatePartyVotes
ASHWORTH Michael IainConservative181
CHOUDHARY Attika SalimConservative191 (ELECTED)
EVANS JenniferLabour213 (ELECTED)
KC PrabeshLabour186
MANNING MitchLiberal Democrat77
NEAL EricConservative159

Turnout: 14%

Ward information for Wellington including maps and polling station locations.

West Heath

Name of candidatePartyVotes
COLLINS Philip ArthurLabour237
CORNWELL Derek RoyConservative498
DEWEY Neville Michael JohnLiberal Democrat223
GILBERT David StephenConservative451
HYLAN AlexLabour220
MALIK ImtiazLabour186
MURPHY JoLiberal Democratic252
SMALL MalcolmUK Independence Party828 (ELECTED)
SMITH SteveUK Independence Party821 (ELECTED)
STAPLEHURST MarkUK Independence Party868 (ELECTED)
THOMAS David JohnConservative473
THOMPSON Philip GeoffreyLiberal Democrat230

Turnout: 35.9%

Ward information for West Heath including maps and polling station locations.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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