Councillors' allowances

Details of our councillors' allowance scheme and how much councillors can claim.

Councillors are entitled to claim certain allowances under our pdf icon Members' allowances scheme [91kb].

Claims for 2020/21

For a summary of last year's claims, see our pdf icon Allowances Claimed 2020/21 [105kb] document.

Current allowances

The following allowances apply from 26th May 2021, unless otherwise stated:

Basic allowanceRate per year
Payable to all members£5,425
Allowance for information technology and telecommunications payable to all members (reduced by 50% where members do not have an email address)£392
Special responsibility allowances for post holdersRate per year
Leader of the council£16,861
Deputy Leader of the council£9,712
Cabinet members£8,372 (each)
Cabinet Champions (payable from the date appointed)£1,674 (each)
Chairman of Development Management Committee£5,655
Chairman of Corporate Governance, Audit and Standards Committee£5,655
Chairman of Overview and Scrutiny Committee£4,215
Chairman of Policy and Project Advisory Board£4,215
Vice-Chairmen of Overview and Scrutiny Committee (x2)£1,265 (each)
Vice-Chairmen of Policy and Project Board (x2)£1,265 (each)
Opposition group leaders
(subject to the group having at least ten per cent (four) of the council's seats)
£3,398 (each)
Chairman of the council (Mayor)£1,556
Members serving on four or more hearings of the Licensing Sub-Committee (Alcohol and Entertainments) in one municipal year (excluding the Chairman of the Licensing and General Purposes Committee)£453
Co-optees allowanceRate
Co-optee£523 a year
Dependant carer's allowanceRate
Childcare allowanceNational living wage
Other care - payable at the hourly wage charged by Hampshire County Council's Adult Services for a carer 

Travelling expenses

Please note that these rates apply:

  • To travel outside the borough only
  • If travel results in a substantial saving of the member's time, is in the interests of the body or is otherwise reasonable

The Head of Democratic Services will prepare a list of those circumstances where travel allowances will apply inside the borough.

Motor mileage (as at April 2012)Rate
Cars and vans

First 10,000 miles - 45p per mile
Over 10,000 miles - 25p per mile

Motorcycle24p a mile
Bicycle20p a mile

Public transport

Councillors should travel by the most cost-effective way that suit their needs. We will reimburse the cost of  most public transport and taxis on the production of receipts. For train journeys, we will normally provide a standard class rail warrant through the Head of Democratic Services.

Meetings outside the borough

The following additional requirements apply to all meetings outside the borough:

  • Travel to attend approved duties outside the  borough should be by the most cost-effective method that meets the councillor's requirements. The cost of travel by motor vehicle should not be more than the cost of the standard rail fare
  • The Head of Democratic Services, in consultation with the Chief Executive or the Director of Resources, must approve any first class rail travel
  • Where accommodation and meals are required, the councillor should book these in advanced through the Head of Democratic Services
  • Where meals cannot be pre-booked and paid in advance and are above the rates set out below, we will reimburse reasonable costs on production of receipts up to a limit of £25 a day

Subsistence allowances

The following rates apply as long as receipts are provided:

Evening meal£9.80
Allowance for absence overnight from the usual place of residence£79.82
Allowance for such absence in London (within specified London boroughs) or for attendance at the annual conference of the Local Government Association£91.04
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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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