Allotment competition results 2017

Judging for the allotment competition took place in July and August. Find out who won.

Allotments 2016 winners

AwardEntrant's NameAllotment
Gold and Winner of Best AllotmentRoger ReadCove Green Allotments
GoldBarry DickinsonAldershot Allotments
GoldAudrey Cook and Mike FellowsAldershot Allotments
GoldBarry SetterfieldAldershot Allotments
GoldClive SutherlandAldershot Allotments
GoldKareen PriceAldershot Allotments
GoldVicki CouplandCove Green Allotments
GoldN J WhitehouseHorn Road Allotments
GoldMr and Mrs JohnsonPark Road Allotments
GoldR HuntHorn Road Allotments
GoldTim & Lesley ScarrJubilee Allotments
GoldMark Rawlings 
Silver GiltCarol AtkinsAldershot Allotments
Silver Gilt

Elizabeth and Terry Knapp

Aldershot Allotments
Silver GiltMaurice EdmundsAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltPeter RichensAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltJean DickinsonAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltJohn MezzettiAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltRoger GearAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltVal ReadAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltSiobhan FlemingAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltBarbara HortonAldershot Allotments
Silver GiltMr and Mrs WakefieldBirchett Road Allotments
Silver GiltPeter BrownCove Green Allotments
Silver GiltJohn BeardHorn Road Allotments
Silver GiltMr P BosleyHorn Road Allotments
Silver GiltPeter SmithHorn Road Allotments
Silver GiltPeter BullusHorn Road Allotments
Silver GiltPeter BullusHorn Road Allotments
Silver GiltAlan and Sue WinterbottomJubilee Allotments
Silver GiltMartyn and Clare BaxterJubilee Allotments
Silver GiltJan and Brian CottrellJubilee Allotments
Silver GiltChris and James Moon, and Dale PattersonJubilee Allotments
Silver GiltRobin BuggPark Road Allotments
Silver GiltMr and Mrs WatsonPark Road Allotments
Silver GiltDavid WallacePark Road Allotments
Silver GiltChris BaltzerProspect Road Allotments
Silver GiltMr B M BanyardRatcliffe Road Allotments
SilverPeter HydeAldershot Allotments
SilverDavina and John HardingAldershot Allotments
SilverFrederick RobinsonAldershot Allotments
SilverIris Paulzen/SweeneyAldershot Allotments
SilverEamon FlahiveAldershot Allotments
SilverDerek HardingAldershot Allotments
SilverMichael VarleyAldershot Allotments
SilverChristine BrownAldershot Allotments
SilverStan DavisAldershot Allotments
SilverKundan GurungAldershot Allotments
SilverDr Ian WelchAldershot Allotments
SilverMr and Mrs DunthorneBirchett Road Allotments
SilverMr and Mrs EdwardsBirchett Road Allotments
SilverMr F AuriemmaCove Green Allotments
SilverAlan and Linda BowmanCove Green Allotments
SilverBirenda RaiHazel Avenue Allotments
SilverCerasela CochintouHazel Avenue Allotments
SilverCharmaine PartridgeHazel Avenue Allotments
SilverNigel BrownHorn Road Allotments
SilverMrs S OverHorn Road Allotments
SilverMr G GriffinHorn Road Allotments
SilverMrs B J HallHorn Road Allotments
SilverMr M A SargentHorn Road Allotments
SilverDavid AllenHorn Road Allotments
SilverKevin and Chris TownsendPark Road Allotments
SilverChristine KetteringhamJubilee Allotments
SilverMike SladeJubilee Allotments
SilverDonna and Tony BoneJubilee Allotments
SilverRuss and Richard HarrisJubilee Allotments
SilverDavid and Hilary SlaterJubilee Allotments
SilverLucienne BurrowsJubilee Allotments
SilverAnn NelsonJubilee Allotments
SilverBarry SpeddingPark Road Allotments
SilverKevin TownsendPark Road Allotments
SilverMike MillardProspect Road Allotments
SilverRichard HarrisonProspect Road Allotments
SilverMr and Mrs RuleProspect Road Allotments
SilverSam and Kris ConnorProspect Road Allotments
SilverKrystyna StecRatcliffe Road Allotments
BronzeKrishnaraj RaiAldershot Allotments
BronzeKate PowditchAldershot Allotments
BronzeRod FarquharAldershot Allotments
BronzeMr J R BirchAlexandra Road Allotments
BronzeMr A DuffAlexandra Road Allotments
BronzeTracey AlexanderBirchett Road Allotments
BronzeMrs SimmonsBirchett Road Allotments
BronzeStuart DennisCherrywood Allotments
BronzeBarry SextonCherrywood Allotments
BronzeMrs G AlexanderCherrywood Allotments
BronzeStanley ColesCherrywood Allotments
BronzePeter BennettCove Green Allotments
BronzeC Mc DonnellCove Green Allotments
BronzeFiaz MirCove Green Allotments
BronzeMrs HillCove Green Allotments
BronzeMr T GenisCove Green Allotments
BronzeIan BrownHorn Road Allotments
BronzeAndrew HillsHorn Road Allotments
BronzeMark ArnoldHorn Road Allotments
BronzeNick DuttonHorn Road Allotments
BronzeMr G GullonHorn Road Allotments
BronzeVikki LloydHorn Road Allotments
BronzeKassie ParaskosHorn Road Allotments
BronzeRoy LucasHorn Road Allotments
BronzeLinda VinallHorn Road Allotments
BronzeDavid Dunford and Elizabeth CrowHorn Road Allotments
BronzePeter ColeyJubilee Allotments
BronzeMatthieu and Assunta PinelJubilee Allotments
BronzeJames and Catherine CrawfordJubilee Allotments
BronzeDonna EdwardsJubilee Allotments
BronzeGill Ter KulleJubilee Allotments
BronzeNirmal ShreesPark Road Allotments
BronzeGraham VinneyProspect Road Allotments
BronzeAmanda StephensProspect Road Allotments
BronzeMr and Mrs WoodProspect Road Allotments
BronzeAudrey EnglishProspect Road Allotments
BronzeMrs S K MorganRatcliffe Road Allotments
Special AwardBlooming MarvellousAldershot Allotments


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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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