Sulechów has had friendship links with Rushmoor since 1981 and the official twinning charter was signed in 2001.

Why Rushmoor is linked with Sulechów

The 1980s were difficult times for Poland and a Rushmoor Councillor, Stefan Kurylak, organised relief aid from Rushmoor to help the people of Sulechów. To thank Rushmoor for its help, Sulechów offered hospitality and friendship to the people who had come to its aid. Rushmoor established friendship links with Sulechów and it became an official twin town in 2001.

Rushmoor's community links with Sulechów

The Sixth Form College Farnborough sends classical music students to take part in Sulechów's Chopin Piano Festival each year and links are maintained with the town's college and town hall.

Other performance opportunities for choirs, bands and dance groups are available at the town's various festivals.


Until 1945, Sulechow was part of the German Land of Brandenburg. After the Second World War, the frontiers were re-drawn and it became part of Poland. Poland joined the European Union in 2004.

Featured in the well-known film, The Great Escape, the Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp is not far from Sulechów and is now a tourist attraction.

Modern Sulechów

The town is about 50 miles from the German border with excellent road and rail facilities. This has helped the the local economy to regenerate and Sulechów has successfully attracted varied light industry and development. The area is mainly rural in nature and modern agricultural techniques have also helped to establish profitable businesses.

Recent additions to the town's leisure facilities are a new community theatre and an open air swimming pool next to the ground of the local Ks. Lec Sulechów Football Club. There is a very active culture centre in the town that hosts many wide-ranging activities. These are well supported, and attract considerable talent.

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