The Borough of Rushmoor has been twinned with the French town of Meudon since 1974.

Why Rushmoor is twinned with Meudon

Meudon was originally Farnborough's twin town, with a twinning charter signed between the two in 1972. It became Rushmoor's twin town when Farnborough Urban District Council and Aldershot Borough Council merged in 1974.

Both areas have an aviation industry and the original contact was made through aviation business links. Meudon has other similarities, such as most people work in service and high technology industries.

Both are also are near major airports and also have excellent road and rail links.

Rushmoor's community links with Meudon

  • Sport links: running
  • Music links: bands, choirs, orchestral
  • Dance links: dance schools
  • School links: primary schools, secondary schools
  • Other links: foreign language clubs, charity fundraising clubs, libraries


Meudon has a history of pioneering aviation techniques, initially air balloons and airships and then later powered aircraft. It also has a famous observatory ,which is still used today.

It used have a palace, which was used by French kings, but unfortunately it no longer exists.

Meudon's most famous resident was the sculptor Auguste Rodin.

Modern Meudon

Meudon is situated near Paris and has two distinct parts in much the same way that Rushmoor has Aldershot and Farnborough. They are separated by a large forest with many lakes and leisure areas.

Meudon has a traditional old town centre and a newer part called Meudon-la-Forêt.

There is a rich commercial and community life with many cultural, music and sporting activities. There is also an excellent large indoor shopping centre.

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