Media release - issued 28 Sep 2021

Cabinet agrees study for modernisation of crematorium

Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet has agreed to commission a feasibility study and business case for investment options to improve and modernise Aldershot Crematorium.

The study, agreed by the Cabinet on 21 September, will consider opportunities to provide an improved service to residents, including the option of a major refurbishment, or even a new building on the existing site. 

The Crematorium first opened in 1960 and was last fully refurbished nearly 25 years ago. The most recent condition survey has indicated that significant repair and refurbishment works are now required in addition to the regular maintenance regime. 

Members were told that the operation of the crematorium currently generates surplus income for the council, but with investment in nearby facilities in Guildford, Woking and Bracknell in recent years, demand for the older Aldershot facility has started to plateau. The feasibility review will take account of this changing market and the opportunities it presents against the relative costs. 

Although initial estimates gave indicative costings, these are expected to change as further detail around the options is examined. A feasibility study would also consider the optimum size of any new facility. 

The report will also review opportunities to provide a better service for local residents, including additional services and sustainability improvements. It will also consider how best to achieve continuation of the cremation service during construction works and how improvements should be funded. 

Rushmoor Borough Council's Cabinet member for Operational Services, Councillor Maurice Sheehan, said: "This is something we really need to start looking at very soon so we can ensure we continue to provide a quality bereavement service for our residents. I'm happy the Cabinet agreed to get moving on the feasibility study."  

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